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Pixel is being taunted by cats in our garden. She knows it's her territory, even though she can't go out at the moment, and there's a ginger cat that sits on our patio and watches her through the glass while she alternates desperately trying to claw her way through double glazing with gazing at us with huge piteous eyes and voicing pleading little miaous, begging for a chance to rip the impudent intruder to shreds. Just a little rending? Please? Poor Pixel. The ginger cat fled when I went out to chase it away, but she watched the garden for several hours after that. I think it's a good thing that, unlike her (unintentional) namesake, she can't walk through walls ^^;;

Don't forget to sign up for the X TV/Yukikaze marathon showing if you're interested :)

- Sun Kitten, 10th August '07

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