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Main character is a die-hard optimist and firm believer in absolute pacifism. He gets thrown into a world where a mad dictator is oppressing the surrounding population, and has it explained to him in various gruesome ways that the issue is not black-and-white. This is the story of how he stays optimistic to the end.

StuartFraser (who is obviously bored/procrastinating, as he doesn't tend to watch anime) will say five words to that: Il faut cultiver votre jardin.
AlexChurchill: Hmm.  Voltaire, it appears. But one can't tell what he meant by it - or not from a Google search, anyway.  "In the best of all possible worlds"? Or "Keep to your own back yard"?
More that the one-paragraph synopsis above reminds me of Candide; in which Voltaire mocked Leibnitz's optimistic pronouncements about "the best of all possible worlds" through the trials of Candide and the pronouncements of his companion, Pangloss. The main character here seems somewhat Pangloss-like in nature. People who have watched NowAndThenHereAndThere and also read Candide may be better placed to comment. 

First episode doesn't look like anything special. Second onwards are visually stunning. Third or so onwards are progressively more disturbing. A must-watch, in MoonShadow's opinion.

MoonShadow hasn't looked around the official site much, but given that even the blurb on the backs of the DVD boxes contains spoilers, MoonShadow wouldn't recommend reading the text too closely.

It sounds lovely - but you linked to a flash animation.  Ah, you say don't read the site.  I won't complain then.

I see it worked ;P~

TheInquisitor. Ouch. Saw episodes 5 & 6 today, and... well... Housemates occasionally refer to Radiohead as 'slitty-wrist' music. This is slitty-wrist anime, if anything is. It's just far too close to the bone for comfort. I mean that in a good way, I think - but still, it was no bad thing to have something cheerful afterwards. Do not exceed the stated dosage.


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