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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

We're doing another Marathon Anime Weekend (MAW is a good acronym, I think - very descriptive). Unlike WednesdayAnime, it's not limited to Cambridge residents (or people who like to drive a very long way to get their weekly fix of anime). Crash space is available, albeit limited. We will be showing the wonderful (and long) Juuni Kokki. Sign up for your favourite weekend here.

I'm tired  >.<

Tonight I want to make comic stands from shoeboxes, with logos on. I want to print stand up characters but before I can do that I need to do some scanning. Then when the scans are done I want to finish the replacement cover for Looking for the Sun 01 (I lost all of it when Pen, my previous machine, died, but the inside pages were saved as pdfs elsewhere). I think the replacement will be better, anyway. Then I want to put my scanned watercolours in the gallery too. Maybe that's overdoing it. I want to play with interesting printy things like fridge magnets and stickers and mousemats, and set up a table corner as a model for Minami con, to see what it will look like. It would be nice if I could script Phoenix Feathers for next week. I would like to finish Looking for the Sun 03, which is two pages short of completion, and scripting 04 would be good too. I want to get comics printed.

I've got lots to do tonight. I'm really looking forward to it  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 20th February '04

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