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February 2004

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Phoenix Tutu 01 pt01

These two are truly truly wonderful.  Sniggering madly at work is very rarely something desirable, but you induced it again.  I particularly love /Nikolai as the truly InsaneStoryteller?, although /Peri as Uzura really made me giggle too.  Half the /Nagi quotes will probably be lost on those who don't know him IRL, but it's still craaayyyzzeeee...  --AC

Yay!  Now I have something to blame for my insanity!  --Vitenka

Fantabulous! :Bounce: :snigger: --Requiem

Glad to be of service (to all of the above), though I'm not taking all the responsibility :)  SunKitten worked wonders as usual, especially with the Nikolai outfit :) --K

As noted in /RealLifeInspirations, there's rather more of the real life characters showing through in these two strips... especially /Nikolai, IMHO >:> --MJ
*splutter* *giggle*

Phoenix Tutu 02 pt02

Introduction: 1 sc06

May I just briefly declare you evil for once again giving those who love trying to decipher partial sentences something to do?  --Vitenka (More letters from the end of the world?)

AlexChurchill wonders whether we're shortly to find out some hint of the contents of the book /Peri ignored r16, "A study of the effects of supernatural fire upon human aether channellers in infancy".  It's hard to say which is the most interesting prospect: that, the /SnowBallCommittee's Secretary's as-yet-unknown letter, or the PhilipPullman?-esque unelaborated phrase the Vice-president uses, "broken children".  Oh, lots of hints and intrigue as we enter the third and final act... 

Was also prompted by the name of this strip "Introduction: 1" (paralleling the starts of the other two chapters) to revisit Lent Term's h08 "Introduction: 2", and spot another hint that the /MysteriousEvilDude may in fact have had some academic relation (DoS or similar?!?) to /Rin, which he epi02 recently severed.

Introduction: 2 sc07

Am I the only one loving this? Lots of little hints about the background that is all going to have an effect on the way the story goes. How did that deflection spell get on the Committee's pigeonhole? (Current first guess: /Shaam... but was it deliberate, or instinctive gremlin-style mischief, or...? Only because I can't think of anyone human who knows about both /Daedalus and the /SnowBallCommittee except perhaps /Rin...) Now how long till the Committee themselves (or /Rin) put two and two together and realise /Megaera's from /BrightfeatherVillage?
I can't think of anyone human who knows about both /Daedalus and the /SnowBallCommittee - well, Yozhik --Mjb67
*snaps fingers* Of course. Do we reckon his disobedience to the Committee extends to magically diverting their mail, then?--AlexChurchill
Which do you think wins out of obeying the Committee or protecting Megaera?  And who can write such cunning mail filters?  It's actually pretty obvious when you think about it. --Mjb67
Particularly with reference to /RealLifeInspirations, /Yozhik has to be the expert on mail filters :)

Not a good start u03

I have a horrible feeling that one may be based on /RealLifeInspirations too.  I hope not, but I can't shake off a funny feeling... --MJ
Certainly reminds me of first lecture feelings.  --Vitenka

ML in the Black Arts Tripos h21

Oh, that is too cool. The CompScis will be happy at the ML reference (particularly as suitable for the BlackArtsTripos), the RinFanClub will be happy to see /Rin in lectures (and looking stunning one might add), the fans of intrigue will like the prospect of /Rin finding out more about /Yozhik and the others, the fans of romance will enjoy the ironic dreamy "Doing a lecture course to watch a boy... Maybe I could introduce myself to him..." even though /Yozhik is very well claimed girl-wise. And I count myself among all those groups :) --AlexChurchill
You missed the group that was just highly amused by the "Hi!  I've been stalking you!" suggestion.  --Vitenka
Good point - since it's a start-of-term strip, we even get a punchline :) --AC
Oo! I like. --Requiem
That final frame is just so cute! -- Senji
Hmm - maybe, but I prefer the way she looks in frames 1, 4 and 7 from a general RinFanBoy point of view. (Does SunKitten take notes of this kind of thing, I wonder...!?) --AlexChurchill
Hmm, hmm.  I think I prefer 6 most from that point of view. -- Senji

(PeterTaylor) Aargh! Rin's started taking fashion advice from Miho. I already have enough problems distinguishing between characters in PF and MT. (Clarification: the problems don't usually relate to overlaps between the comics. Until now).
I say only interlu1 - SunKitten

Pigeonholes sc08

PeterTaylor laughed out loud at the business meeting. Mainly because of the /RealLifeInspirations.

Dropping in u04

Additional strip added late - SunKitten

Probing Questions pn01

In a way, yes - it is very odd to find these things out online.  but then, before that, it was odd to find out on the telephone.  And before that, by a little hand written note was odd.  And before that, undoubtably, it was odd that people told each other things, rather than just smacking them in the head with a rock.
But I still can't shake the feeling that it is odd.
I don't think you should find it disturbing or odd. I think funny might be appropriate. But I'm pretty sure the inclination to have any of these reactions will diminish very quickly with time. AngelaRayner still reckons that a community is lacking something if they don't interact face-to-face; I think the concept of communities has already been radically transformed by the Internet, and will only continue to be more so. Teenage friends of mine spend hours on MSN? Messenger each night. I believe there are groups who build genuine out-of-game friendships after meeting on an MMORPG. The world of SnowCrash is on its way. --AlexChurchill (not saying much different to what Vitenka said, really)
And I do regard the ToothyWiki as just as much my community as is CityChurchCambridge. I'd want to keep both communities informed of major changes in my life or circumstances. (Scarily even CityChurchCambridge are turning more online with midweek news being spread through their website's private discussion forums, although that community hugely has its roots in embodied interaction and won't be abandoning face-to-face any time soon.) --AlexChurchill

As for comic, well drawn and an interesting sentiment.  Though I'm reading it as "Cambridge without work feels odd" rather than the way it was probably intended to be read.  --Vitenka (It does though, doesn't it?)
Thanks :) What other way is there to read it? I think what I intended was roughly what you said... - SunKitten
Oh - I was assuming, from the later conversation, that lots of work feels like Nikolai's home.  --Vitenka (Whereas this reading has e thinking of Cambridge as home.)
Well, what is meant is that Peri feels at home when she has lots of work to do, that when she doesn't, it feels odd - SunKitten
Yes. I've had one examples sheet for 3 courses in 6 weeks so far. It's very odd. --CH
(PeterTaylor) Cambridge without work feels odd now. It didn't when I was a student. *Dons flameproof suit*
... but how could you enjoy WorkAvoidance? without it?  --Vitenka
(PeterTaylor) I managed to simply enjoy doing precious little besides teaching Java, writing to the student newspapers, and doing lots of stuff for CICCU. (Except for those dark months when I couldn't enjoy doing nothing because it was too painful).

'Here' pn02

Awwww! --CH
Aww, how shweet... it does make a change to be able to say that to someone else for once rather than have someone using it as a wind-up against me! --MJ
One point - is there missing world background that we don't know, or is the leap from Aunt to Mother really made?  She could be the paternal Aunt, for all the reader knows at this point - is that intentional?  --Vitenka
I interpreted it as a poetic way of saying "You are still part of your family". Once I was done with gasping for air. (Meaning I found it breathtaking, not it made me ROTFL...) I had been wondering why Tuesday's number was "pn01" - I guessed p was for Peri, but couldn't think what n was for. Well, I guess we know now! (And yes, it is very sweet. I love /Nikolai's final two or three lines.)
I'm wondering whether to point out that we've not actually seen /Peri's response yet... I don't think it'll be negative, but SunKitten has given us bigger surprises before. --AlexChurchill

I will have to admit that my first impression was, "Ah!  So he waited to be sure she was part of the royal family before he made his move!" :) --K
Cynical bugger :p --Requiem

awwww. kawaiiiiiiiii -- Naath

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