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Consequences Generator

BNF seems to lend itself particularly well to this...

BNF: Rachael/ConsequencesGenerator

This is just a basic framework; do add more imaginative names/places/etc.
We don't need to stick to celebrity names ... how about ToothyWiki regulars? *mischievous giggle* Or would people prefer PhoenixFeathers characters (though I must confess I haven't been following it that much) ?

MoonShadow got "Kylie Minogue met George W. Bush punting along the backs. She said: Wassuuuuuup? He said: You sound just like my mother when you say that. Then they recorded a single together. And the consequence was they split up on live television." That explains a lot..

bnf ::= femalename met malename place She said: shesaid He said: hesaid Then they thenthey And the consequence was theconsequence

femalename ::= femalecelebrity
malename ::= malecelebrity
femalecelebrity ::= Kylie Minogue | Paris Hilton | The Little Mermaid | Sylvia Plath | Mary, Queen of Scots | Eliza Doolittle | Germaine Greer | Carrie-Anne Moss
malecelebrity ::= Prince William | George W. Bush | Albert Einstein | Jamie Oliver | David Beckham | E.T. | the Dalai Lama | Mr Darcy | Orlando Bloom | David Blaine
maletoothywikizen ::= MoonShadow | AlexChurchill | MikeJeggo | ChrisHowlett | StuartFraser | Vitenka | Kazuhiko | Nagi | PeterTaylor | TheInquisitor | FlameRider | Garbled | DouglasReay
femaletoothywikizen ::= SunKitten | Anna | ChessyPig | Kitiara | M-A | Nataku | DivinitySam | Nokkette | Rachael | Sally
malepfcharacter ::= Yozhik | Kurai | Nikolai | The Mysterious Evil Dude | Nagi | the VICE-president of the Student Committee
femalepfcharacter ::= Megaera | Peri | Rin | Sylvai | Tamma | Niea

place ::= at the bottom of a swimming pool. | in the queue for the cinema. | in the back row of a Fluid Dynamics lecture. | punting along the backs. | at a life drawing class. | at a CICCU meeting. | on the London Eye. | speed-dating.
shesaid ::= "I was hoping I'd bump into you here." | "Why are you looking at me like that?" | "Wassuuuuuup?" | "Aren't you going to ask me out?" | "Excuse me, I have to go home and wash my toenails."
hesaid ::= "People say that to me all the time." | "Are you serious?" | "You sound just like my mother when you say that." | "Do I know you?" | "My friend fancies you."
thenthey ::= crashed Trinity May Ball. | took scuba-diving lessons. | had tattoos of each other's names. | had a doughnut-eating competition. | entered the marathon. | recorded a single together.
theconsequence ::= they split up on live television. | their son grew up to become the Antichrist. | John Gray wrote a relationship book about them. | they eloped to Antarctica and were never seen again. | he lost her phone number and spent the rest of his life looking for her. | she bought a dog and named it after him.


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