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Agnetha, Bjoern, Benny and Anna-Frid.

The greatest PopBand Sweden has ever produced.

Why remove wikiness of pop band?  PopBand is a perfectly good term rthat someone may create a page for one day.  Deleting leaf pages is just about understandable - but creating outgoing links?  That's just an attempt to destroy the wiki's ability to expand.  --Vitenka
No, it was an attempt to clean up a page which had sat unreified for several months and which would have been completely forgotten if you hadn't seen my edit.  It is also rendered almost pointless by the CategoryMusic I then created.  If you really wish to create it though, please feel free.  I assume you are going to create it? --Kazuhiko

ABBA first hit the English scene with Waterloo, other hits including Money, Money, Money; Does Your Mother Know; and DancingQueen.

Jack Rudd is a notable ex-GirtonCollege ABBA fan.

Personally I prefer the lesser-known songs, like Nina, Pretty Ballerina; Chiquitita; and Cassandra.
(PeterTaylor) Given that Chiquitita is on Gold, it's hardly lesser-known, is it?
I suspect that there probably aren't many more than half a dozen ABBA songs that people would recognise as ABBA without prompting. -- Senji
Prime example- DancingQueen was ABBA? -- ALessConfusedWolf

CategoryMusic (now that alone should start a debate)

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