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You will never find a more ecchi hive of perversion and double entendres.

The shining jewel in the crown of TreasureIslandJobCorps (which admittedly has a layer of patina and grime three inches deep), designed to teach one how to run your own kitchen.  Courses include CasualBistroDining?, GuardeManger?, FrontOfHouse?, and FineDining?.  Front of House and Fine Dining double as a restaurant open to the public.  The food there is generally of a very high quality: ChefJacques? knows what he's doing, and so do his Trainees?.

Technically AdvancedBaking? and PastryBaking? are part of AdvancedCulinary, but everyone refers to them as seperate entities.  This is partially because until very recently, it was difficult to enroll in the baking courses after having completed the restaurant courses, and vice versa.

Known for a bizzare and crass form of NotSafeForWork? humor.  If you tell someone here to fuck off, the inevitable response is MaybeLaterInTheWalkIn.  Responsible for the adaptation of IntimacyV as a euphemism for getting it on (presumably in the walk-in refrigerator.)  Also tends to attract girls with a high level of Pulchritude?, for as yet unknown reasons.  ElliottBelser beleives all of the above is caused by the fact that you must have a fairly Sensual? and Hedonistic? view of the world in order to make it far as a cooker of Food.

ElliottBelser wishes to one day complete AdvancedCulinary.  He is currently near complete in his BasicCulinary? studies.

CategoryPlace, CategoryFood

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