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Not so much a branch of Hell as one of Purgatory?.

No one goes to TIJCC unless they have an inability to live somewhere else. 

Ostensibly, it's a free, UnitedStatesDepartmentOfLabor? - run TechnicalCollege?.  And thier BasicCulinary? and AdvancedCulinary training programs are, admittedly, excellent, assuming that you attend the Basic class run by ChefBarbaraJoyner?.  If you want to succeed, there are many and admirable ways of helping you do so there.

The practical problem is that such a program is, inevitably, stuffed to the gills with Slackers? and PettyCriminals?.  They tell you to bring padlocks for your lockers full of Stuff for a reason.  Heaven help you if you bring a PlayStation.

Not to say I don't enjoy the BasicCulinary? program, or even that it's a bad place to live.  It's just that being here sometimes makes me wonder, AmITheSameSpeciesAsThesePeople??

With some wonderful exceptions, of course.

Warning: AdvancedCulinary is a hotbed of PerverseSexualLust.  The most common answer an AdvancedCulinaryTrainee? gives to "ScrewYou?" is "MaybeLaterInTheWalkIn."

Oh, and we aren't students, we're Trainees?. -- ElliottBelser / TsundereLightning


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