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Agricola is a BoardGame, released in 2007. In 2008 it won Spiel des Jahres Complex Game Prize and BoardGameGeek Game of the Year. It's currently #1 game on BoardGameGeek, a spot previously occupied by Caylus and PuertoRico

Matt Thrower of BoardgameNews? describes it as an "efficiency engine" game - by which he means it's the same sort of game as Caylus and Puerto Rico. You get 28 actions throughout the course of the game, in which to take your empty yard and turn it into a diverse farm, preferably containing fields containing grain and vegetables, pastures and stables containing sheep, pigs and cows, and a house as large and upgraded as possible.  There's a basic "family" version of the game, and an "advanced" version where each game is different because each player receives a random hand of 7 Occupations and 7 Minor Improvements, which the player may choose to bring into play through the course of the game, providing special powers but costing resources and/or one of your precious actions.

The BoardGameGeek page for it is [here].
Scoring reference [here].

There was a first /WikiGame.

The second /WikiGame was played by ChrisHowlett, AlexChurchill, Vitenka, Rachael, and Angoel, and was adjudicated by qqzm; it was good. (It did finish - the second half was just lost to the late May data loss.)

The third /WikiGame, played by Angoel, AlexChurchill, ChrisHowlett, Rachael, and MaxDymond, continued the tradition of being good.

The fourth /WikiGame is currently under way. [Player order] is Qqzm, PeterTaylor, AlexChurchill, ChrisHowlett.

Various comments have been made arising from these games:

Useful links:
[Rules (PDF)]
[Minor Improvement and Occupation Cards (Text)] (link broken and I can't seem to locate where it has moved to)
[Minor Improvement Cards (Pictures)]
[Occupation Cards (Pictures)]
qqzm's Starting Hand Generator
Nicer components from [boardgameextras] or [shiregames].  Because the game isn't expensive enough on its own.
[Rules variant]
"Take an extra reed per item of clothing you remove?" Or maybe some new occupations? --MS?


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