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A very sweet manga by Kou Fumizuki.

Apparently the title is a very clever pun, given the name of the main female character (Aoi-chan, which can be translated as 'blue').  I'm not sure how accurate the translation is, but it tells me that it can mean 'Bluer than Violet' but also 'True Blue Love'.


However, it is very sweet.  I am almost notoriously bad at categorising manga/anime into shonen or shoujo, so I'll say this: it's all character stuff, relationship stuff, and a bit of culture shock.  In fact, make that a lot of culture shock, once you include Tina, the 'American'.  A fairly good example of HaremAnime, except I don't think it's an anime.  Yet.
has been an anime for quite a long time now. There are two series, both series are 24 eps long, the second is called AiYoriAoshi - Enishi. --Tsunami
I stand corrected
You don't have to stand, you could sit corrected....--Tsunami
Can I jump on the correction bandwagon and point out the second series is only 12 episodes (plus a Xmas special) ? --Jay

And, true to the style of HaremAnime, there is fan service.  Quite blatant, no-messing-around fanservice.

That was a warning.

Still, it is very sweet.

OP: FlameRider

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