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Anime with schoolgirls, a desire to fly and a hint of magic.

I've seen about 2/3 of it, and it's rather good. --Edwin
Very, very pretty backdrops. I quite like the character designs, but SunKitten doesn't get on with them at all. Very slow and doesn't seem to have gone anywhere so far (seen 3 eps now). Quite, quite full of harem-cliche - to the point where you can probably watch with the subtitles off and recite the conversations from memory of the last such thing you watched. There's just enough promise of plot to keep me slogging through - that and the fact that these are the people who made Kanon; but it jolly well better deliver soon. - MoonShadow

I've seen it all now (except the recap episode at the end), and although I've not seen Kanon, what people say about it suggest that there are certain similarities. --Edwin

There is also a movie.  Avoid the movie.

Side note - gmail won't accept overly large attachments.  --Vitenka
Oooh - interesting. How much is "overly large"? JOOI, how do the assorted gmail-file-system perversions cope with this? - MoonShadow
Ten meg, I think.  And some just impose that as a limit, whilst others send multiple meails and split across.  --Vitenka (Who hasn't bothered using his gfs for more than test.txt)

Nitrogen - 78.084%
Oxygen - 20.947%
Argon - 0.934%
Carbon Dioxide - 0.033%
Other stuff - 0.002%

A rather decent RollerCoaster? at AltonTowers?, where you face "down" (when the rail isn't in an odd orientation) rather than forward.

BleepyMusic? [band].

See also: AIR

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