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A series of books.

Or a roleplaying game.

Or fossilised sap.

Read them...
And play them.
And look at them and say "Ooh! Pretty!"  Unless they contain dinosaur DNA.

Fanatical Amber players may be interested in http://www.ambercon.org.uk
- this is not tjm. Hi Jumlian, Vitenka and Senji :)
- anyone who can guess who this is gets a cookie.
Geoff? -- Senji
Tristan? -- Jumlian
Have a Cookie!

Randomly a character in BioOfASpaceTyrant4

A fake American lesbian who, on the evidence presented by BBCi, can't (co-)write for toffee.
Which, despite not wanting to, leads me to wonder if she is not American, not a lesbian or just doesn't exist at all... --Kazuhiko
Amber Benson played Tara on BuffyTheVampireSlayer.  Tara is a gay character, so Amber Benson is a gay icon.  But she's (the actress) not gay.  She is, however, currently co-writing a series about British ghosts (Ghosts of Albion, or something), which ChiarkPerson doesn't seem to like. HTH --M-A

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