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The number of fanfics posted in the [Azumanga Daioh Fanfiction Yahoo group] has been growing recently, and a lot of them are rather good. Those with a Yahoo login can join the group and look in the Files section to see those previously posted.

Others / specific mentions:

Azumanga Daioh Plus Six

One good story is "Azumanga Daioh Plus Six".  Things you should know:
It's set six years after the series ends (funnily enough), and hence contains SPOILERS
It's vaguely WAFF, which shouldn't surprise you given that it's an AzumangaDaioh fic (IMHO the author captures the feel of the series rather well, actually).
It's romance, which shouldn't surprise you given that it's a fic AlexChurchill liked.
The romance is not all heterosexual, which shouldn't surprise you, given that in AzumangaDaioh (using the author's words) "there are male students around, but for the most part their role in the story is about equal to the roles of the desks, chairs, and chalkboards.", and there is slight mature content,a lthough certainly not explicit.

It can be found here.  http://www.geocities.com/lunamurphy/plus_six-chapter_1.html
(Note: there are notes on the author's page about the fic, but they contain (minor) spoilers for the fic.)

You evil person. Now I need more AzumangaDaioh. Seriously - it's a pretty good story and does retain much of the series flavour, I think. The epilogue is hilarious. And the author did a huge amount of research for it - I was impressed by that alone - SunKitten

[Field Trip] and [Physics 101]

Two more rather good AzumangaDaioh fanfics.  These are possibly the closest in feel to the series that I've read.  This is at least partly because the author wasn't trying to paint a romance between two of the characters, in contrast to what seems to be almost every other AD fic around.  Not that romance is bad or that it can't be told well in the AD universe (see above), but it ends up being different to the series because there's very very little romance in the actual series itself.  The two above are just great chunks of AD-style silliness.  --AlexChurchill
Yes; they both suffer from the problem that a lot of AzumangaDaioh's humour doesn't translate well into English prose (either because it's very visual, very dependent on 4-panel-comic-pacing, or language-dependent), but they do a good job with what's left. Field Trip would be my preference out of the two, mainly because Physics 101 feels like a lot of setup for just one joke.... - tjm

NeonGenesisEvangelion crossover

Yukari and Nyamo try to get the girls into Eva units and fight some Angels. Colour comic strip doujinshi in three parts: [1], [2], [3].

AzumangaDaioh Meets StarWars

A rather good recast of the AD characters in AGalaxyFarFarAway?, located [here] (the fic is, that is, not the galaxy). You may enjoy speculating as to which AD characters get cast in which SW roles before reading.

SeeAlso: RobiManga (Daioh) and other pages linked from the bottom of page AzumangaDaioh.

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