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Sketches rather than plot. Lots of schoolgirls, but no ecchiness. Amazingly sweet. 

...but no ecchiness... - *Kazuhiko tries to tie this to the four episodes he has just watched*  So...  lesbian crushes, contests on breast size and a completely perverted teacher who fantasizes in front of the class about making them play volleyball in bikinis...  are not ecchi?  Hmm...
I'm not trying to say it takes over the show (although the teacher really started to get on my nerves) but I think it's a little much to say no ecchiness :)
Hmm. It wasn't me who wrote that "no ecchiness" line, but I can certainly see what was meant by it.  I think I'd argue that all of the above are for comic purposes, and none aimed to titillate or be suggestive, by contrast with pretty much all that we'd consider ecchi normally.  The discussion about breast sizes is the kind of thing that teenage girls really do discuss (I know this, from a time when at 17 I was the only bloke present in a group of 8+ 17-ish girls having this kind of discussion... *shudders*).  The crush is done in a completely non-ecchi way, and is a running joke - again, the purpose is comedy.
The totally dodgy teacher I will admit is ecchi - the character, that is.  I'd still argue that including him in the anime isn't ecchi, because the girls, anime-makers, and audience, are laughing at him.  Of course, YMMV.  --AlexChurchill

Surreality level varies from "quite strange" to "REALLY BIZARRE".  Has quite a few very funny moments too.

There's a great review here: http://www.moen.net/articleAzumanga.php

Posessor of some of the greatest cult insanity moments from anime of all time. Examples feel kindof wasted, because they'll only mean anything to those who've seen the series.  But if you have, giggle helplessly as you remember:
Tsukurimashou! Tsukurimashou!
Sate sate nani ga dekiru kana?
(Let's Make Something! Let's Make Something!
What, what, what shall we make?)
whilst stirring a mixing bowl, before emerging with a seemingly random finished product;


A chunk of the translated manga can be found at: http://pantransit.reptiles.org/images/nsorted/anime/azumanga-daioh/

Originally serialised in Mediaworks's Dengeki Daioh magazine:

See also AzumangaDaioh/FanFiction.

See also RobiManga(Daioh).

See also also Insert Credit's [article] about the AzumangaDaioh PuzzleBobble? game in Japanese arcades. [This image] shows the recognisable characters, and also the WINDOW BETWEEN THE TWO FIELDS so that you can fire bubbles at your opponents' field!!

And see also [Great Teacher Yukari]... and ph34r.

King DJ has been introduced to it and can't get enough of it. I guess you win. Anime is not all terrible.
PaulPower was introduced simultaneously, and concurs.  Although he's still marvelling at the sheer bizarreness of the credits sequence.  And he wishes someone would find some good solid tranquilisers to inject into the hyper one who perpetually challenges everyone to random stuff (I can never remember their names, okay?  I go "Stoned one, hyper one, sensible one with glasses, mega-brainy kid, sporty one with a thing about cats, one with a crush on sporty one, sporty one's self-proclaimed rival, completely useless English teacher, relatively sane Gym teacher, perverted Classics teacher, and various random animals").


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