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Will probably only mean anything to you if you've seen both WitchHunterRobin and AzumangaDaioh.

If you have, then you must now visit:

Or read translated versions at: http://www.pick.ucam.org/~tjm35/robimanga/ - Nataku

Looking back at those translations now, I must say... they suck. I should really redo them one of these days. - tjm

I've translated the final 6 strips, numbers 10-15. If anybody wants to read them they are here: [Robimanga Part 2]

Funny how nobody else noticed the scary similarities beween the two anime...
The characters from WHR are drawn in a fantastically clever way to both make them instantly recognisable as their WHR original, but also match up very clearly with one of the AD characters.  And the antics are fabulous, even if you can't read Japanese.

Chiyo-chan the FireMage...  Kowai...  I think I only actually understood one of them but the style is very cool... - Kazuhiko

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