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Someone who knows more contributers to this wiki than is entirely healthy.
What state does that leave MoonShadow, SunKitten, and AlexChurchill in, then?  Terminal?
That would be "...more contributors ... than are entirely healthy."
There's a small problem shown up by this delurk - 131.111.237.xxx isn't really specific enough, unless we're going to get .yyy .zzz or whatever too.  Oh, and hiiiii! --Vitenka
Both surely?  --Vitenka (Yup, you're all deaders.)
The wiki can't seem to make up its mind whether or not to look up my hostname... it flips every few pages I look at. I'd get an account, but I already got one and forgot the number. And, hiiiii! - tjm
Get a new one - the number has to be unique, but the name doesn't.  Or just try to log in as every number - there's only a few.  And so I don't forget, I exhort you to FloatLikeALemming.  --Vitenka
My NinjaSkills are too weak for me to do so, for now. More training is in order. (But first I should probably get these pesky finals out of the way, and stop procrastinating...) - tjm
Ah, you're here on WorkAvoidance?.  That explains it all!  --Vitenka
His name is manifestly not Tom, he is not president of CUCAS... and indeed, he's not president of CURS, either.

The following things deserve links here, for a variety of random reasons.
Pages will be reified when they're reified.

Highly conflicted member of the PhoenixFeathers/RinFanClub.

Could do with contacting Emperor at sysadmin at pick dot ucam. dot org Please - I've been trying to get hold of you for ages!


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