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Click the title for a list of technical problems that the kitten has solved for you!
Also TechSupport tips for kitten owners.  I'm pretty sure that [this distro] is being ported.
You demented people. Something completely randomly generated ends up being a genuine category with several pre-existing pages appropriate to it. Don't you love ToothyWiki?  --AlexChurchill

[This product] would probably fall right into this category. Is it for use by the cat or the human, though?



[Allergy-free cats]. Old news, but never mind --Admiral

[The S-Video jack is for video].

This morning, Tango walked on my keyboard, and made the display go funny. I moved him off and tried to put it right, but couldn't figure out how, muttering "Could you undo what you just did, please?"
He walked on the keyboard again, and I tried to stop him but wasn't quick enough - and the display went back to normal. "Oh. Um ... thanks." --Rachael

Warning: Cat Like Typing Detected? - ElliottBelser

[Kitten particle physics]

[The Cute Cat Theory of Internet Censorship]. (This is relevant to so many ToothyWiki pages I wasn't quite sure where to put it.)

[Cats 'exploit' humans by purring] - something any cat owner knew already! --Admiral

[Kitt-In-Box] desk-mounted cat bed, supposedly to distract them from walking on the keyboard. I could actually see that working with Pepsi. --Rachael
So cute!  --Vitenka

[The Internet Is Made Of Cats]


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