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cf. ArmoireOfInvincibility?.

Also, oops to the thinko.
Do you mean, "MaintainMe: CloakOfInvisibility?"?
Unless you fancy opening a WikiShop of MagicalFurniture?, then, pretty much, yes ;)
It may well be an underexplored area, I suppose. You could have the BookcaseOfLevitation?, the FireplaceOfPower?, the TableclothOfRepelling? (actually useful, that one), and maybe the SideboardOfTyphoons?... --AlexChurchill
Erm, how would the TableclothOfRepelling? be useful?  If you're merely thinking of food spills, where would it end up instead?  In the absence of a Rimmer for it all to land on, anyway... --MJ

The ClockOfInvisibility is the latest in a long line of RolePlaying Merchandise for the Distinguished Player.

Brassiere of Elemental Summoning
Does this summon Air Elementals to invoke the MagicAnimeWind?  Or is that the companion lower-body garment?
Armoire of Invincibility
Long Bow (sometimes I spend hours doubled over)
Corridor of Power

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