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CB2 1TP - [website]

(to the tune of "She'll be coming round the mountain")

I'd rather be at Oxford than at Johns
Ohh - I'd rather be at Oxford than at Johns
I'd rather be at Oxford
Rather be at Oxford
I'd rather be at Oxford than at Johns

(and the Johnian reply, to the tune of "You'll never walk alone")

Sign on,
Sign on,
With hope in your heart
'Cause you'll never be at John's

Erm - is the above deliberate, or is it the unforseen result of some refactoring?  If it was deliberate - I think you'll find it doesn't scan...--MikeJeggo
Bit of both. Corrected to scan and fiddled to make sense--StuartFraser

A college in the UniversityOfCambridge.  Famous for, uh... being a college in the UniversityOfCambridge.  Founded by the same ancient person (LadyMargaretBeaufort?) as ChristsCollege.  Founded after ChristsCollege and with a less valuable legacy at the time, as Lady Margaret had already given Lincolnshire to Christs and only had Liverpool left.  Now richer than Christs because the value of land in Liverpool appreciated rather a lot more than that in Lincolnshire.

I thought it was Manchester. Point stands anyway (StuartFraser)

Usually sits next to TrinityCollege, occasionally walks around for a while.

One of the RiverColleges?.

Has a new court which appears to the casual observer to be a castle, with a ClocklessTower.

Known for sporting prowess, with some justification; the legendary and hated LadyMargaretBoatClub is always there or thereabouts for the headship, and currently Johnian football, rugby and hockey teams are looking impressive.

Also the home of the world famous BridgeOfSighs as opposed to any other world famous BridgesOfSighs. (Such as the one in Venice it's a copy of.)

Has a CollegeCat who often sits upon the aforementioned BridgeOfSighs.  This CollegeCat is technically affiliated with TrinityCollege. (PeterTaylor) Really? We have our own CollegeCat.
You did.  Johns stole it.  Don't feel too bad - ChristsCollege only has a duck (and, I think, JesusCollege stole it - and JesusCollege already had a cat.  Which died.  Which college was it that had a faculty meeting to decide that a terrier was a cat?) -- Vitenka
Queens'  It's still here, it's a small Jack Russell - Sally
(PeterTaylor) The TrinityCollege CollegeCat still seems to spend most of its time around B GreatCourt?.

Separated from TrinityCollege by the ScholarsBridge?, which is almost always locked.  One can only presume that this is some form of deep meaningful comment. (PeterTaylor) Perhaps not too dissimilar to the deep meaning of the termly ritual where boaties from StJohnsCollege's and TrinityCollege have a massive brawl. This is totally distinct from the one where JesusCollege and GirtonCollege have a massive brawl on JesusGreen?, then? I ran into that once - TheInquisitor. The Stomp takes place in TrinityCollege/GreatCourt?.
ChrisHowlett has passed over the ScholarsBridge? at least twice, possibly three times. All in the same evening. The gate was locked at the time. It is possible to go round, over and, if one is small enough, through.
Sally agrees, and would like to add "and while wearing ice skates"

Anyone else had the thought of the colleges standing up and transforming ala voltron?  Kings chapel could be the head. --Vitenka
Funny you should say that.  I have, in fact.  Just two, though.  I think the story should live on this page: SelwynHughes...  --AlexChurchill

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