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That would be us, then. *bows*

Erm, see...MathMo, ThoseWhoAreThatWayPerverted, WikiMtGConspiracy, RecentChangesAddicts, BigFishLittleFishBigFishLittleFishBigFishLittleFishCardboardBox, CategoryRandom, and in fact most of the ToothyWiki.

Or are we? Most of the ToothyWikizens would certainly admit to being StrangePeople. But how many people self-define as normal? Especially somewhere like Cambridge, where it's NormalToBeAbnormal.

At a GamesEvening a while back, one game involved at one point people having to say whether they considered themselves and others present to be "something vaguely sane".  The almost universal response was, while admitting the property for one or two others present, to deny they themselves had that property. --DR

And does this page have a point to it at all, other than that the OP is bored and doesn't want to work?

Sure. Like the Evil page has turned into a discussion of "what is evil?", this could turn into a discussion of "what is 'normal'?".. - MoonShadow, who usually defines "normal" as "average" in this context, precluding arguments of the form "that's not strange, X does that" in the cases where X is an outlier.

To the question "Are you normal?" I've always liked the response, "Yes, my life is at 90 degress to everyone else's." --DouglasReay


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