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Things which absorb one's CopiousFreeTime.

Click the title to see a partial list of the things into which ToothyWikizens sink their time.

Yay, done.  There are some evil near solutions. --DR
True. Actually, I'm not so keen on this one compared to the Grow Cube. The problem is that all the pieces don't come together to interact in the same way. I was stuck for a long time with everything but the obneqtnzr. I think it'd be possible to get maximum level on all the purzvfgel/ebobgvpf without getting any of the snzvyl, and perhaps even vice versa. The Grow Cube (and to some extent the Grow RPG) is better for the way that everything works together towards a conclusion. Still, cute fun as always. --AC
(also, did anyone find that several combinations would just freeze? After placing about 6 items, the cvax ebobg just sat there. The island kept animating and I could click "reset", but it didn't let me place the final couple of bits, which makes it seem like a bit of a bug to me.) --AC
Eh?  I thought grow cube was grow2, with rpg being grow3.  Nonetheless, NiftyEvil?.  --Vitenka
This game is less evil than the rest, being somewhat easier to solve. Or at least, StuartFraser could do it inside half an hour with no hints.
I find it the reverse - the others were quite easy, but I can't figure this out ;_; - SunKitten
AlexChurchill is with SF on this one. Having only 10 options rather than 12 simplifies things quite a lot, I think. I found the first three parts of this easy to get, and a rough order for the remaining 7; most of my time was spent trying slight permutations of those. --AC
I can get the first 4, but the rest are beyond me - I haven't even worked out what the bone and springs *do*... - SunKitten
I don't understand...!  What's the aim?  To get the final levels of everything as high as possible?  Does that mean that you can get "Lv. MAX" on everything if you do it right? --M-A
Yes. With all the Grow games, the aim is to get Lv. MAX on everything. Or just to play around and see how much you can make stuff do, which boils down to the same thing :) --AC
Got it. Ah, satisfaction :) - SunKitten
I'm stuck.  It looks like I'm one step away from getting it right, but I just can't get there.  Can someone ROT13 the answer and put me out of my misery, please?  --M-A
zna jngre sehvg to start with. Then I *think* it was cbg ghor sver fnhpre, then obar onyy fcevat, but I could have got the middle four a little confused - SunKitten
Ooh, nice, thanks!  I'd got stuck thinking that unless I chg gur cbg ba gur sver svefg, gur sver jbhyq trg gbb ubg naq oernx gur cbg, fb V qvq gur jngre gbb yngr.  I'm going to do it again now... --M-A
i lost three days of my life playing this!! i'd almost forgotten about it until now -- Indigo

Classsic line from that first one: "He's already short a toe, so he cherishes the 15 that remain."
My pleasure.  I've got about a million of them.  [Belated Merry Christmas]
... Done.  Spybotics that is.  It has taken me pretty much all day though :) Sleep now methinks - Kazuhiko
Heh.  Most amusing, though I'm clearly not zen enough to properly enjoy it.  And an amusingly timed tie-in with [BobTheAngryFlower]
http://www.improvisation.ws/mb/tpcs1.php perhaps?
Is that supposed to do something? It just goes to a blank page with a greyscale gradient up it for me. --Admiral
Yes, it is a shockwave game.  It should have a text "PLAY" which you can select to start.--DR
Hmm. I think the Linux shockwave/flash plugin lacks a certain something required to play this game. Anyone out there having success with this game on Linux? --Admiral
(PeterTaylor) Works with Linux flashplayer 9, but not 8.

I'll just add that "time sink" has a very specific MMORPG meaning.  Since in most of these games, everything of value in the game can ultimately be traced back to the time a player spends acquiring it - it makes sense to think of the players as time sources and then worry about inflation.  Which means that as well as having gold sinks, equipment sinks etc. you want to have time sinks - required tasks which take away the players free time - usually by forcing repetitive action.  (e.g. To make a floozle requires you to go to A and buy a wombat then sell it at B - you can't just do both things at A.)  --Vitenka

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