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Discussion dump - used to be at the bottom of page CorkScrew.

As a matter of interest, could anyone advise on how important it is to include the category of a page at the bottom?
Most people don't bother categorising a page when they first create it, sometimes for good reasons (it's not always obvious how to categorise a page). If you don't do it, someone else coming along later probably will. There's a number of pages which don't have categories, but do have lots of outbound links to existing pages. IMO you need at least one or the other, although a number of people disagree and there are some very good points about not forcing it - see LeafPage. (also wants to say it's fuss to delete a page but can be enjoyable to add a link, so it's not as important a consideration as whether to reify a page in the first place - but not sure how to phrase it in a way that doesn't dissuade people from reifying pages ever again..) - MoonShadow

Uh, I almost never categorise (outside of my CategoryAnime/EpisodeSynopsis) pages - mainly because I am stupid and lazy.  Also there are farrr too many categories and I can't keep up with them.  And then when I do try to categorise, I end up using slightly the wrong name and then it gets reified and we end up with seperate ComputerGame ComputerGames? CategoryGames CategoryComputerGames CategoryComputerGame? and CategoryMess?.  Oh, and unless you or some other RampantOverCategoriser does something, your HomePage? can now be best thought of as a TomatoSplat across the whole wiki.  --Vitenka (CategoryNotWhatItWasSupposedToBeAbout ByProxy? and MuHaHa seem appropriate)

Yeah, I reckon it's fair enough to leave categorising to the categorisers if you're not sure what to do about it. Vitenka also tends to slap one of the sillier categories on pages he doesn't particularly want other people to categorise, or when he wants to tease them, which both seem to work ;) - MoonShadow
I resemble that remark! --Vitenka (Isn't it astounding how most of the topic discussion end up happenning on other people's HomePages??  --Vitenka (And I still resemble it after the EditConflict, but with a greater understanding of my motivation.)

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