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Ducklings are cute. (Not to be confused with CuteButDeadlyAliens.) They hatch about now, that is, spring. They wander around and fluff at people and follow their mothers, usually. Sometimes they get stuck in places, which is why great efforts are made to keep, for example, walkways out of swimming pools.

There's a batch ( or should it be litter? set? brood? ) of CuteDucklings in that ditch between Queen's Road and the Backs at the moment ( 6th May ) ^_^ They seem to mainly live in the corner, near the gate to Clare. There's also various swans, one of which was sitting on the path getting in the way today, another which has been sitting on the same pile of reeds since the start of term, so I'm assuming she's sitting on her eggs. Or maybe she's just very lazy. -- Xarak
According to this [list of animal group names] it would be a brace, team, raft or paddling.  Since they don't swim well yet, being ducklings, I assume it's a paddling of ducklings.  --Vitenka
(PeterTaylor) Last year there was a swan nesting at the back of Kings in that ditch. There was another nesting over in what I think is Lammas land.

They don't all survive though. Which is sad, so if you see a duckling being chased by a fox, ask the fox nicely to leave him or her alone. You can invite the fox to formal hall instead, where a bigger duck may well be on the menu.
Why thank you.  May 10 alright?  I'll bring my own gown.

They grow up, though, into [ducks].
Or princesses...

*Kazuhiko dances and sings*
[All the ducks are swimming in the water.]
Fal-deral-deral-do, Fal-deral-deral-do
All the ducks are swimming in the water.
Fal-deral-deral-do, Fal-deral-deral-do

What?  I'm just listening to LemonJelly?.  Oh great, now you look even more worried...
I love that Middle English folk is coming back into fashion.
In the case of LemonJelly?, it has been... updated... a little. - Kazuhiko

*rolls on the floor laughing*  Thanks for the link to the video...  I hadn't come across that one :)  Now featuring the DemonicDancingDucks?! --Kazuhiko


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