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random quote page..please add your own random quote to the list if you have one!
random quotes rule! =3

1. holy daycare center batman!
2.To play is to sufferbut to suffer is to play, so if you play you suffer, but if you dont play you suffer... (from my friend vee, from craig charles takeshi's castle)

3.ah, so thats wher eyou put the peranials.. --also from takeshis catsle ^^;;
4.in any case..""this jello is really good!"" --kero-chan, card captor sakura ^^

please add more quotes ^_^! --Denji

Ah, good to see you like quotes ^.~ I suggest you take a look at CategoryQuotes and the pages linked from there. There are lots of quotes collectors on the Wiki, of assorted different types! Mine are the NokkyQuotes, but there are plenty of others too :) You may also like CorkScrew/Sigs... --AlexChurchill

thanks for the link, this should be fun ^^--bex

thanks! ^__^! yes, we all love quotes around here *_*..umm.. bex and alyxe are my friend and sister by the way...soirry for flodding your dear wiki *bows..*

From Alyxe (and vee, respecitvely!):

"No, no, I can explain. Just listen. You see, the reason is RUN!"

eh, you know what I'm talking about, right?

hehe!*insiders joke*

1. "rolling hamsters"
2. "luckily, at that moment, an unconcious argentinian fell through my roof---he was shortly followed by a dwarf dressed as a nun"
3. ""what kind of people, stewart?Black people?gay people?""no, old people!"



fwee!the gay people/black people quote.well,here's another from spin city:

"i enjoyed going to the gay people's parade this year.i especially like the float with the leaning tower of pisa!"

"sir,that wasn't a leaning tower of pisa, it was a-"

no,go on,hae a guess!

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