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AlexChurchill has been a collector of Quotes for a long time. They are recorded, hosted and proffered by Alex's MobileBrain - first Nokky, then Nokkette, then PresidentEvil, then TheExecutor, now a humble Orbit - for a period of time, and then made available on the web.  Up until November 2001, this was on AlexChurchill's [old homepage].  But since December 2001, new quotes have been hosted right here on the ToothyWiki!

For a long time the quotes flooded in, and needed to be divided by month. Now those halcyon days of student insanity are gone, and I've switched to a yearly division, updated as and when new quotes are made. Working in an office just doesn't have the constant surreality factor that being at university did.

/2010; /2009; /2008; /2007; /2006


/January2005 - /February2005 - /2005 for March onwards


/January2004 - /February2004 - /March2004 - /April2004 - /May2004 - /June2004 - /July2004 - /August2004 - /September2004 - /October2004 - /November2004 - /December2004


/January2003 - /February2003 - /March2003 - /April2003 - /May2003 - /June2003 - /July2003 - /August2003 - /September2003 - /October2003 - /November2003 - /December2003


/January2002 - /February2002 - /March2002 - /April2002 - /May2002 - /June2002 - /July2002 - /August2002 - /September2002 - /October2002 - /November2002 - /December2002


[October 2000-June 2001] - [August 2001-November 2001] - /December2001


/AlexChurchill Mmm, sugar-coated revenge... >:> --MJ

It's quite fun to /GuessTheContext to a number of these quotes, either because despite the utterance being thoroughly odd you're sure it must have made some sense in some context, or because you suspect that even in context it was completely off-the-wall :)

For those times you spot a Wiki statement which is quotable, use the /WikiQuoteIndicator.

You are encouraged to read the quotes and mark your favourites, by typing Image:46 (which creates a star like this Image: 46 ), or other symbols as described in the /RatingSystem.  Any attempts to delete quotes will be noticed, reversed, and laughed at.

Other Quotes pages may be found at CategoryQuotes.

CategoryComedy, CategoryQuotes

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