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AR - The DivinityFaculty is on the SidgwickSite parallel with the LawFaculty?.  It looks rather like a pizza with a slice cut out of it.  It occured to me the other day, (in a moment of inspiration) that this might better be characterised as a communion wafer with a bite taken out of it.  It's full of people who like to study God (and presumably is another good place to hide from XScis).  What we fail to tell them of course is that Theology is a science - MuHaHaHa, but enough of the conspiracies.  ThomasAquinas? sheds light on this particular mystery in the SummaTheologia?.
(PeterTaylor) "Theology is a science" is an opinion which distinguishes theologians from just about everyone else in the world. I take the other extreme, refusing even to consider large chunks Biology as science, because my philosophy of science requires that it be possible to make predictions and test them in a consistent fashion. (QuantumMechanics just scrapes through on the grounds that one can make statistical predictions and test them).
AlexChurchill just discovered a bit at the bottom of WikiPedia: science, saying that the word "science" had a rather different meaning before the Enlightenment, roughly "any systematic recorded knowledge". I suspect this is the source of the confusion/disagreement here.

They can't hide.  They themselves are GodSci's!

Hmmm..  If that's the divinity faculty, then what is the small entrance just past the Nadia's outside StJohnsCollege's?  It claims to be the divinity faculty too.

AlexChurchill: That's TBFKADF, or TheBuildingFormerlyKnownAsTheDivinityFaculty :)  Now used as a library, or something...
(PeterTaylor) I believe it was most recently used as the dressing room for the filming of a BBC program called "True Spies" which appeared to be filmed in StJohnsCollege's. Why, I don't know, because I thought all the famous Cambridge spies went to TrinityCollege or TrinityHall.

That 'or something' will get you every time.

Cambridge Spies was filmed in St John's college because (I am informed from a fairly reliable source) Trinity are still so touchy about the fact that so many of their alumni turned out to be pinko commie traitors that they refuse to acknowledge them.

King's, on the other hand, would be positively proud.

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