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Sterotype: magic, dragons, unicorns..

Usually involving some sort of magic, anyway. MoonShadow likes SteamPunk best.

Anyone got a good definition of what "High Fantasy" is?  Does it just mean played straight, not for laughs?  A series that comes to mind is Bernard Cornwell's Arthurian series, "The Winter King", "Excalibur", "Enemy of God". --DR

High fantasy means magic and heroes and shining lights and all the other cliches.  Low fantasy means 'realistic' fantasy - take a normal world and add magic or unicorns or whatever - but if the hero gets stabbed the hero still dies.  The difference is usually the number of feats of derring do, and whether the peasants live in shit covered hovels or not.  --Vitenka

Anyone read the 'Malazan Book of the Fallen' books by Stephen Erikson?
The WheelOfTime books by RobertJordan?
The Sword Of Truth books by Terry Goodkind?

I've got some rants/questions stored up for the above series if anyone's read them --Mjb67

The middle one, yes - the names of the other two ring a bell, but it's probably just the "Warning: Generic fantasy titles" bell.  --Vitenka
My rant about RobertJordan is basically that he has completely lost the plot.  The same with Sword of Truth, really (Wizard's First Rule, Stone of Tears, Faith of the Fallen, etc.).  My rant about the Malazan books is that they are amazing and really good.  Which is unusual in the books that I read.
OOh. Someone else who likes Erikson's series. It's... just good. Complicated. Deep. Erm... Thought-out. NotCheesy?. I like it. -- TI
Humm.. something to add to my readingList then.  As for RobertJordan - how could he possibly lose the plot?  There's trailers for it all over the place right now.  Hero goes up to mount D'hum, can't bring himself to throw in the Terangriel and gets pushed in with it, evil overlord's face melts and the puppies win the war.  Simple.  --Vitenka
mmmm.  Except that there's now 10 books, the Hero hasn't appeared in two of them, and the evil overlord's face has melted off twice while no-one has actually reached D'hum yet.  Thus, I think he's lost the plot.

SeeAlso: SciFi

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