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A bland building in the Blake-esque surroundings of the Cambridge Science Park. Place where MoonShadow does what he'd be doing in his spare time at home if he wasn't doing it in a bland building in the Cambridge Science Park instead.
Battling mutant penguins, mis-coloured dogs and ShadowGrass?? - Kazuhiko


Currently hiring programmers and 3D artists. Programmers need C++ experience, Xbox / DX9 experience useful. Artists need 3DS Max experience. Also looking for testers on a one-month rolling contract.
Ooh, Frontier are hiring? *goes to dust off his CV* - tjm
NB: They'll take anyone. - ChiarkPerson

(They have free biscuits: bad for waistline)
Free fruit, too, to be fair. But on the other hand, free donuts on Friday afternoons. Except the donuts have been devolved a little now, and MoonShadow convinced large chunks of the engine team to go for brioche instead..

Also, the sequel to Elite (and, presumably, this is why the company is named so). Rather easier to get started with, as by default your ship came with a docking computer. ChrisHowlett, being an impatient sort of teenager, used a bug in the Amiga version to get vast amounts of cash at the start of the game, and then flew around in a nicely-souped up ship instead of a crate for many hours, until he got stuck in a space station so close to its parent planet that the autolauncher wouldn't let you exit the launch bay. Never worked out if it was a bug.
Hehehe, sounds like a feature to me =^_^= --Tsunami
I loved this one, but got disheartened after losing enormous amounts of progress to save game corruption. :-(  -- ThePants999

CategoryCompany?, CategoryComputerGames

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