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SciFi about ArtificialIntelligence. Features machine-gun-blasting-the-tree-of-life-to-bits scene.

Very, very good SciFi about ArtificialIntelligence at that. TheMatrix? "borrowed" a lot of ideas from it. -- Xarak

Title was translated to Russian as "Spectre in Armour". When I first mentioned the English title to my mum, she said something about dead turtles. ^^; - MoonShadow

Umm...  Does "Spectre in Armour" actually mean something in Russian or did they completely miss the point when translating? - Kazuhiko
"Shell" only means one thing in Russian. No, that's wrong. There are lots of Russian words that map to "shell" - "ракушка" (snail or little sea creature shell; not to be confused with "раковина", kitchen or bathroom sink), "скорлупа" (eggshell).. but "Ghost in the Shell", if translated to Russian in the most obvious way, gives you something that can pretty much *only* be read to mean "what you get when a clam comes back from the dead". Valid alternative translations are things like "Призрак в доспехах" - "Spectre in Armour" - or possibly something along the lines of "Spirit in the (...)" or something; the latter would produce rather unwieldy titles, whereas the former does carry similar overtones to "Ghost in the Shell".

Ah well, so long as some of the intent is there.  Now I'm trying to envisage a dramatic sci-fi anime titled "When the clams came back from the dead"... - Kazuhiko

MoonShadow thinks that it's better off as a B-movie or a TwilightZone episode.
Sounds cool, if they make it, can we show it on WednesdayAnime? --Tsunami


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