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Should pages named WikiWord in general contain the text "Wiki Word" (with spaces) on them? It's notable that searches for a number of phrases without spaces (like Google: RossAnderson, to take a random example) turn up ToothyWiki pages pretty highly. AlexChurchill guesses that this because unlike a lot of wikis, ToothyWiki doesn't insert spaces into page titles: so clicking on WikiWord yields a page titled "WikiWord", whereas on WikiWikiWeb: WikiWord, the page is titled "Wiki Word". This means we get more PageRank? for WikiWords without spaces, but as Bobacus has pointed out, does mean we miss out on search hits for "Wiki Word" (or "Douglas Adams").
(a) Is there a problem with this situation?
(b) What should be done about it if so?
Actually I was using ToothyWiki's own search. Perhaps the index generator could parse wiki words and/or include the page title? i.e. if I search for 'fodder', it would be nice to get this page, without necessarily having 'fodder' in the page's text itself. --Bobacus
That would be cool. I think. A 'game' search to find pages which mention any WikiWords like CardGame etc. Hmm. --AC
Um, uncheck the 'whole words only' box?  --Vitenka
Consider my statement amended to include the words "that doesn't take several years" (okay, minutes). The indexed search takes 30 seconds sometimes; the nonindexed is painful. But then again from that point of view if doing this would slow down the indexed search yet further, it's probably not worth it. -- Alex"U-Turn"Churchill
I really need to rewrite the indexed search. It actually spends just one or two seconds looking stuff up, and the rest of the time trying to resolve the UIDs in the list of pages it gets back, which is really rather horrible. I could plug something in then. It will probably wait until I've migrated the webserver to a machine with more diskspace, which is due to happen over the Christmas hols at the moment. - MoonShadow

AlexChurchill would have said there isn't any particular problem, and so we shouldn't bother going around adding the spaced version of a page's name (although obviously if it does occur it's no problem).

Most Wikis automatically insert spaces into all instances of page titles, in the title and in the text, when rendering pages because that is the right way to do it and run-together words with capitals in the middle are really really ugly. - PlasmonPerson
A number of people disagree with that, which is why this wiki allows regular posters to set it as a preference. - MoonShadow

MoonShadow is wondering about generating hidden tags based on wikiwords the page contains - maybe a keywords tag or something.
I'm pretty sure reputable SearchEngines ignore those tage nowadays.  Would it be a huge deal to swap the default behaviour for non logged in users?  (Or maybe just for google bots?)  I mean, even I log in now...  --Vitenka  (How many people don't?  Edith sometimes forgets, and PlasmonPerson never does, unless he's got an alias) (Semi ironic that I forgot to for that edit, no?)
I only log in on my home computers and the one that's technically mine in the lab, but am almost as likely to read from a different lab machine, where I won't be logged in - SunKitten

Whether we should switch from displaying camelcase for the purpose of visual appeal is a separate discussion, I think. I'm not sure it's necessarily a good idea to lose the camelcase versions of words from search engine indexes entirely - we do get a lot of hits from those. It'd be nice to come up with a way of having both. Maybe have each page contain a [link] to an indexable non-camelcase version of itself (and those link back; the wiki script would need to be altered so that all other links on the page keep the current setting so that someone can theoretically browse a non-camelcase version of the wiki without logging in)? That way both variants get indexed.. - MoonShadow
That would probably get detected as a LinkFarm? and get you tossed out of indices entirely.  Perhaps adding the seperate words into the top-bar, the same way parent pages are?  --Vitenka

Vitenka just had a thought.  Combine Google and Amazon systems.  "People who searched for GoogleFodder also searched for..."

SeeAlso Google

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