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Ravenclaw is, obviously, the most important house.  Members of Ravenclaw are talented and clever.  They learn more magic, more advanced magic and can do things that others cannot even think of.  A RavenClaw? will never be stuck without an answer.  You just cannot afford to not be a member - you just won't be able to keep up with everyone else.  Doesn't matter how good your connections are, or how brave you are, a RavenClaw? will have a spell you haven't considered and will turn you into dogmeat.  So - start your bidding.  --Vitenka (Evil person, giving me this idea!)

I thought ALL MathematicallyMindedPeople will be more of a /RavenclawHouse? member. -ColinLeung
Not necessarily. After all, Hermione isn't in Ravenclaw.

Well, she SHOULD, shouldn't she? She doesn't really seem to fit with the other Gryffindor people... I thought the House system puts similar people together? Heck, if she was a pure blood witch /SlytherinHouse would fit her better than /GryffindorHouse -ColinLeung
She does say in the 5th book that the sorting hat considered putting her in Ravenclaw.  Anyway, it's a plot device, you need a hero, a best friend, and a geek, and they need to all be in the same house else they wouldn't know each other :-) - Sally
That's just a truism. Slytherin is for pure-blood witches and wizards, so of course it would fit better. But do you not remember the whole issues Harry had over which house he had ended up in? He was told that what mattered was that he didn't want to be put in Slytherin.  Maybe Hermione didn't like the look of the /RavenclawHouse people...
I think that Hermiones is supposed to have depthes of courage surpassing even her embarassingly big brain.  Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear... 
I do think that /RavenclawHouse is the best if only because the least is known about it.  Also because, despite all the points they must earn by being so clever, they never win anything, unless they're beating /HufflepuffHouse at Quidditch.  --FR

[Discussion of /SlytherinHouse moved there]

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