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In My View

I wonder, does anyone else parse all TLA's as just a sound effect with no meaning?  They're usually just SyntacticSugar?, adding nothing to the sentence preceding them.
As an example, would the above be improved in any way with 'ymmv' 'imv' 'imho' or anything else?  --Vitenka
MoonShadow sees IMV, IMO and IMHO as basically interchangeable, but rather more than syntactic sugar - IMO, sprinkled liberally throughout a statement of yours that you expect people to disagree with but are willing to live and let live WRT their views, these TLAs can serve to forestall a lot of angry, extraneous rhetoric. Then again, MoonShadow quite often overuses them in places where they are blatantly unwarranted, too.
AlexChurchill's POV is similar to MoonShadow's (okay, I'll stop the gratuitous TLAs now). They're certainly not meaningless, but I was wondering myself whether there was any point having IMV when we have IMO. In a number of cases I read a TLA like any other word and with similar degree of meaning.
I thought about that, but to me, 'in my view' and 'in my opinion' are two separate phrases with distinct meanings. I would not have used 'in my opinion' in the context in which I used 'in my view' - SunKitten
Fair enough then. It's only pages that are actually superfluous which we want to avoid :) --AC (muhahaha, feed the wiki)
Sure, the page is worth having, it's just the term itself that I object to.  Surely the readers ability to separate fact from opinion shouldn't be insulted?  Also, to denigrate the net a bit more, fact is the rare quality - wouldn't it be better to tag it, rather than tag stuff that is not it?  --Vitenka

Incidentally, about 5-10% of our Google hits go to a CategoryAbbreviation page - due to someone finding a TLA on Usenet and wanting to know what it meant, presumably. Moreover, we've had links to specific pages from usenet posts and from assorted forums (someone asks the meaning of an abbreviation, someone else responds with a wiki link). - MoonShadow
Cool!  I wonder why ToothyWiki is taking off so nicely, when other places already provide this function, though.  (Googles [define:TLA] is hard to find, I suppose - plus the ability to add your own definitions is nice.  But WikiPedia: TLA is there...) 
Nice.  Odd, but nice.  Then again, I know that I am using toothywiki links in other fora (and trying hard to avoid it in a particularly lame one)  After you've started using CapitalisedWords the habit seems to stick, and then I remmeber 'oops, better actually link to a wiki' and, well, I guess your HomeWiki? is the obvious one :)  --Vitenka

"IMHO pancakes with ice cream on them are the work of Satan."

Which of the following, for you, comes closest to what you actually usually mean by IMHO:


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