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Perhaps someone can answer something for me: What is the significance of blood type in Japanese/Manga/Anime?

It appears to be another non-Western thing that's somewhat infiltrating WebComics over here. So far as I can tell, it affects/indicates personality, much as hair colour does (being a Western thing, since there's more variety over here...) - but I have no idea of the different 'signals'.

Well, there's only four - A, B, AB and O; with 60% of people being O...
I strongly believe the rations are culturally varied - IIRC, AB is the most common here, and O the least. I may well be wrong.
I believe it's correct that there is a strong correlation between blood group type and race.  I believe that AB is fairly rare everywhere, though - I think the 60%O bit applies here, with most of the rest being A - B and AB much rarer.  MJ

From a quick websearch:

A - People of this blood type are honest, introverted, nervous, loyal, perfectionistic, orderly, detail-oriented, industrious, idealistic, soft-spoken and careful.
Positive: Orderly, Law-Abiding, Fastidious, Soft-Spoken and Fashionable.
Negative: Picky, Selfish, Secretive, Pessimistic, Inflexable, and Reckless when drunk.

B - People of this blood type are outgoing, optimistic, adventurous, flexible, passionate, creative, unconventional and have excellent concentration.
Positive: Independant, Flexable, Candid, Sensitive, Passionate, and Persuasive.
Negative: Unpredictable, Indiscreet, Lazy, Impatient, and Overbearing.

AB - People of this blood type are proud, diplomatic, discriminating, natural leaders, great organizers, rational and imaginative.
Positive: Rational, Calculating, Honest, Diplomatic, Organized, and Strong.
Negative: Unforgiving, Playboy, Easily Offended, Too conservative, Nitpicker, and hard to know.

O - People of this blood type are over-worker, insecure, emotional, powerful leaders, goal-oriented, enthusiastic, optimistic and good at business.
Positive: Healthy, Idealistic, Goal-Oriented, Clear-sighted, Athletic, and Sexy.
Negative: Status-seeking, Jealous, Greedy, Unrealiable, Obsessive Lover, and Can't shut up.

Looks like the old 'humours' theory again, identified with 'blood type' to sound more 'scientific'. About as useful as star signs but, hey, at least it's not biorhythms.

ADDENDUM: Oh, no, on closer re-reading it's not even as useful as the humour theory: at least those were fairly well-defined. I find it hard to imagine someone who couldn't fit equally well into at least three of the above categories, and most people would be equally at home in any.

From the POV of a SnakeOil salesman, I'll have to say that I see that as an advantage, not a problem.  Besides, everyone was supposed to have all four humours in them anyway.  --Vitenka

As per my comment below, I fit quite squarely into A.  Having said that, of course, I have no idea what my blood type actually is.  One thing I would add is that it is possible that star sign and the like do have some relevance to your personality.  I used to ridicule the whole thing without thought until Kyriacos identified me as a Virgo without hesitation.  I'm not trying to say the stars affect my future or anything like that, but your star sign is based on the time of the year that you were born and it is possible that that somehow affects you. - Kazuhiko

Although of course any real astrologer will remind you that it's your moon sign which is most important, not your sun sign. and that doesn't relate in any nice and neat way with the time of year you were born (newspapers use sun signs because it's easier to give a list of dates than expect every reader to work out their time and place of birth) (and, of course, since the Zodiac was formalised the Earth has moved with the result that there's now a thirteenth sign of the solar Zodiac and all the dates for the others have shifted slightly, whoops).
Apparently it's something to do with sunspots, and the amount of some sort of radiation around at the time when you were conceived... hence it is related to sunspot cycles and precession isn't likely to affect anything (hence zodiac signs not tying in with current positions of the stars).
Or, you know, it could be that it was a form of psychology.  A way of saying "I'll bet you're like this for this entirely plausible reason" and then seeing how accurate your ColdReading? was. - ElliottBelser

I think just ignoring it might be a good idea.

Now, should I use the above in reverse and simply tell doctors I'm blood type A or do you think I should actually get that medically confirmed before hand? - Kazuhiko

{SweatDrop}  --Vitenka

Garbled Recalls a book on blood types, and how they evolved (or so it claimed). It claimed that your blood type determined what foods your body was best able to process, and therefore what to eat to be healthiest. So O-types were meant to thrive on meats, A's on milk protein-esk fodder, B's on fish and AB's on grains /pulses (IIRC which I sincerely doubt). Nowt to do with personalities, but interesting nonetheless.

This book does in fact exist, called "Eat Right 4 Your Type."  -- ElliottBelser

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