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AR - I can't believe I got here first!  OK, jellybabies are made by Bassetts.  They used to be called Peace Babies, but luckily at some point, somebody thought this was a naff name and renamed appropriately.  They come in 7 flavours, red, black, orange, yellow, pink, green and purple.  These correspondingly have names, personalities and pictures.  You can get tropical ones too.  One supermarket even sold Jellyatrics for a while (Jelly Old People) :)  Note of caution.  They're made of gelatine and are not suitable for proper Vegetarians.

They normally hang around with AlexChurchill, having not discovered anybody else insane enough to carry them around 24 hours a day.

AlexChurchill is the only person I've ever seen offer a Sainsburys checkout assistant a JellyBaby (from a large plastic JellyBaby IIRC).  He is not however the only person I know who's bought only JellyBabys in a transaction, as I have bought three packs myself with nothing else.

I now suggest that everybody describes a favourite way of eating them... I'll begin:

I like to cut up one yellow one and one black one into slices that run from side to side of the JellyBaby.  A sharp kitchen knife is best for the procedure.  5 slices is usually sufficient.  The pieces should then be stuck back together, alternating the colours.  This is great, they now look like Jelly Bumblebees :-)  They should then be eaten whole.

JeremyBickerstaffe - NoNoNoNo. The best way to eat jelly babies is to eat off all of the front, and then eat off all of the back. That way you have an outline JellyBaby, like it's a corpse.

The whole reason jellybabies appeal to sadists is that they represent the ability to inflict great harm upon one without any threat of retribution from the law. For that reason, many people like to remove extremities first, making sure not to deal any kind of damage that would be fatal. The consume vital organs only when necessary. ( POLICE WARNING: Watch out! If you see anyone eating jellybabies in this manner, they are to be treated with extreme caution. You don't want those to be your extremeties, do you? )

Some people have been known to burn JellyBabies as Heretics?

My LineManager? has taken to coming around every afternoon at about 6pm and handing out a single JellyBaby to each person.  This is possibly the single best motivational technique to get people to not leave early that I have ever partaken in.  (We have FlexiTime? and a project crunch of 'this is the final push, just like it was six months ago' proportions)  --Vitenka

SeeAlso NokkyQuotes/May2004#Sun16 for the chief appeal of consuming JellyBabies...

This page seems somewhat reminiscent of [How do you stop a chocolate-covered Jaffa cake from melting?] (16/2/2000)


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