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.. and the lovely eyepatch!

Oh dear.  Who came up with this bit of insanity?

Same person who came up with NowAndThenHereAndThere, AIUI - MoonShadow

Anyhow.  This old servant has been walking the earth for centuries.  Searching for the one who eats crayons while he reads the torah.  (Uh no.  That's something different)

Anyhow, he finally finds the one destined to wear the 'lovely eyepatch' which is imbued with the powers of his master (the ancient legendary swordsman).

And so the harassed schoolgirl gains uber ass kicking powers, and gets attacked by one rival per episode, whilst trying to win the leader of the school sword club as her boyfriend.  One of the chief running gags and plot points is that she really doesn't want to have these uber ass kicking powers, and would be much happier as a normal schoolgirl.  She is also the only normal, halfway socially adjusted person in the entire series.

Stuff blows up.  People ride bikes into each other.  People wear T-Shirts expressing their thoughts.  DigiCharat style faceless people abound.  The mooks of the bad guys openly mock their infatuated leader.  People come to stay and refuse to leave, and the father is clueless.

It's like RanmaHalf, but not actually very funny.

Not as funny, agreed. MoonShadow did find it very funny, though, despite the fact that the humour is only part of the point.
Really?  What was the other part?  I just didn't see much point in it.

Jubei is a "normal" "sane" person thrust into a typical shoujo anime world. She doesn't cope with it very well. The show, in MoonShadow's opinion, is about people being idiots and how much nicer life would be if people would just think before acting. It's different from all the other fluff-for-brains-baddies-attack-cool-ninja-main-character anime out there precisely because Jubei actually voices what the audience is thinking. Just like HayaoMiyazaki trying the same thing over and over again from slightly different angles in Nausicaa?, PomPoko and MononokeHime?, I can see a similar thread running through JubeiChan, NowAndThenHereAndThere and TsukikageRan? (although NowAndThenHereAndThere is in a world of its own, of course. Someone should strap all the world leaders to armchairs and force them to watch it).

MoonShadow's favourite line from the anime:
<sidekick> "What's it like to be <uberninjasamuraiperson>?"
<Jubei> <grimace>"..it's like having a heavy period."
Expression on sidekick's face is priceless.

A sequel series, JubeiChan/SiberiaYagyuusCounterattack?, is expected some time in 2004.
Ohh - that is what I've been ignoring on the torrent sites.  It's out.  I have no comment, not having seen it.  --Vitenka


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