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Collectibles that kids find strangely addictive. Click title to see some.

*Puts on FlameProofSuit* I thought that MtG should be on the list *RunsAndHides*
Motion seconded, along with GamesWorkshop.  --Vitenka
Against motion. MagicTheGathering is addicitive, but it isn't aimed at children. Or at least, not specifically. --SF
In favour of motion. Along with BeyBlades, Pokemon, those football stickers, mini boglins, and a whole host of other tat with an associated marketing campaign. -- TheInquisitor (Just because other people find them addictive, it doesn't mean kids don't...)
Against motion. Putting aside the question of whether young kids actually play it or not, MtG is complex and has some merit to it, so it's not "strangely" addictive, it's justifiably so. ;) - MoonShadow
I've seen my cousins (then 7 and 9) playing the Pokemon card game. While the game itself has merit, the version they were playing does not... -- TI
Does Pokemon have merit? Wow. Still, I'd be perfectly willing to vote for adding MagicTheGathering/Portal? to the KiddyCrack list, if anyone actually ever played it.. ;) - MoonShadow
''My reason for it being kiddie crack is that it can bankrupt ya (like crack), and I was introduced to it in school 5th/6th form I believe. I think that it is not without merit, and agree it is not just for kids, but still the addictiveness, and collectibility make it a lesser KC but still KC -- Garbled

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