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Laugh My Donkey Off?

I'd prefer to LMHO

I think possibly SplitMySides? or SnortOrangeJuiceThroughMyNose would be more realistic.
How about LaughTillYouCry? ?
or c|n>k ?
Am I missing something? c divides n greater than k?
Think shell syntax. Coffee piped through nose onto keyboard.

And obviously the smaller brother of ROTFLMAO - Tsunami
Hmm... ROTFLMAO = ROTFLLMAO... -- AlexChurchill
Hmm.. = or ==? Your statement is true, but perhaps not for the reasons you expect. However, the next person to try to roll about and laugh their backside off simultaneously rather than in two separate operations is likely to find lots of garbage on the floor that looks suspiciously like ToothyWiki page pointers. Wah! Assignment vs comparison bug! MoonShadow RunAndHides, putting his constants on the left-hand side of his expressions.
MoonShadow, bear in mind that Alex spends a lot of time working with Matlab which IIRC uses := for assignment.
No, I can't use that excuse.  MATLAB uses = for assignment, and gives this error if you try to use it for testing: Error: Assignment statements do not produce results. (Use == to test for equality.)  I was more thinking as a MathMo when I wrote the above "equation" (which isn't really anything of the kind)...  --AC

Then there's the Yoda version - FROMALOY -- ChrisHowlett
Flies Round Oberon Making A Lot Of Yodaisms?  --AC
Floor rolling on, my ass laughing off, yes! --CH


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