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Rolling On The Floor Laughing
Rolling On The Floor [with] Laughter

An amplified LOL.

This abbreviation represents a further extension of the dichotomy between Reality and IRC. How many people do *you* know who genuinely roll on the floor with laughter? (Except when being subjected to TickleTorture?.)

I have once, though 'falling off my chair with laughter' would be closer...  Something in Utena I believe but I can't remember exactly what. - Kazuhiko
A total guess here... It was a nanami episode.  Probabkly the one with the elephants (surfing elephants?)
I'd say it was more likely to involve a car..>;) - MoonShadow
:)  Either that or something similarly evil... - Kazuhiko
I do sometimes roll on the floor laughing.  Most of these times I actually started on the floor already, but occasionally I have genuinely slipped off my chair laughing.  If I'm in front of a computer, though, it's more likely that I'll SOJTMN instead.  --AlexChurchill
Thus, we can only conclude that you being in front of a computer is equivalent to you being in the process of drinking OrangeJuice?  I'm guessing you get through a lot of orange juice... --K
Well. Actually, as a MathMo, you ought to be more precise. You can conclude that it's more likely for me to be drinking OrangeJuice and snort it, than for me to ROTFL.  As previously stated, this isn't a particularly strong statement.  However, as it happens, I do get through a lot of OrangeJuice... read page OrangeJuice itself for why  *heehee* *bounce* *PermanentVitaminCHigh?*  --AC
*Alex slowly starts turning a wonderful shade of orange...*  Actually, unless you pre-schedule your moments of high amusement and have a glass of OrangeJuice to hand for those moments, I think my deduction still stands...  *shrug* *brain-stoppage imminent* *steals some of AC's OrangeJuice to keep him awake* --K

LMAO is even more extreme.
ROTFLMAO is the top-cat of the lol community


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