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LookingForTheSun Volume 3
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[15: What Has Gone Before]

Any ideas for a title? - SunKitten

Nope - but I do have to say - Moooooooooooooooooooooore! It's been so long and having just read this one - Wow, blown away... but still... More! - Velvetsteph

I'm sure I spotted a weirdness in the text of one of the speech bubbles earlier, but I can't find it again now. Did you fix anything, SunKitten? If not, I'll have a more thorough look later. --CH
Yes, Emma pointed out a typo in one of the earlier bubbles, and it was fixed yesterday :) The cons of putting stuff together on a night shift. Thanks, though :) I also seem to have a title, although it's not permanently fixed until it goes for printing at the start of next week...  - SunKitten

[16: Unexpected Welcome]

Sorry for the wait! Enjoy :) Usual question - any ideas for a title? - SunKitten
Are they dancing a GayGordons?? --CH
Something like that ^^ - SunKitten
It's all an excuse for [page 16_07]!  A conspiracy, I tell you!  :)  --Vitenka  (Im also getting kinda confused as to which world is where, now that they're doing something other than just travelling onwards)
Wow. Exciting stuff afoot. Quite a plot-thickening chapter. Lots of Kite feeling responsible for things. Also some cute dancing and arguments in the shared room, teehee :) --AC

[17: Words Left Unspoken]

[18: A Time for Subtlety]

No title yet..

Wow. I just read these two, having somehow missed reading 17 when it came out. This is superb stuff. I wasn't expecting the darker plot events (although maybe I should have been after chapter 14). The art style continues to develop and impress (particularly face closeups like those on 17_23 or 18_05, and background art like 18_01). The old lady seemed remarkably helpful, what with the hairpin and all. I was expecting that to turn out to be a setup. Still, wonderfully compelling story and artwork both. I await 19 with bated breath :) --AlexChurchill

[19: On Borrowed Wings]

That's a disturbingly long time between issues - it didn't feel that long when I was living it o.O;; - SunKitten

[20: Lost Suns and Little Sisters]

That's more like it :) - SunKitten

Nice! (Referring to lots of things... the update speed, the plot, the delightful characters...) Each new chapter of this has continued to delight me, each in a slightly different way. The YoungerKittenSister is immensely amusing and cool ^^ --AC
(In fact... bwahahahaha. If you cast Kite's imouto as a YoungerKittenSister, does that make her CatChess? ^.~ )--AC

That's a really nice episode. Makes me go aww. --CH

[21: Lingering Winter]

Wow. 16 days to do 28 pages. I never want to do that again o.O;; - SunKitten

[Omake 4: Funky Cabbage]

The one for the introduction page :)
I love it! --CH

[Omake 5: Sunrise]

Forgot to put this up, obviously. Not a bookmark-type one, this one - SunKitten

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