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LookingForTheSun Volume 2
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Front cover. See, I am doing things :)

[08: A World of Difference]

Huggable!  Hmm.  SnowHugs? as a title.  --Vitenka
... Page 25 - did you mean to upload an image that big?  Really?  Please to be offerring a reduced bandwidth version - our office connection is choking on it, I hate to think what modems do.  --Vitenka (It's all lovely, though I'm having a hard time telling the two apart from behind now that his hair is no longer black.)
Ah, woops - I've just emailed SunKitten about the same thing :) - MoonShadow
*(_^&*(&^&*. Serves me right for doing it late at night >.< Sorry guys... I don't think I can do it by command line, it'll have to wait until tonight. I did fix the index, though... baka desu. As for Saryth's hair, changing it back means I've halved my ink usage :) And normally he has it tied up... - SunKitten
I can do it. How big should it be? - MoonShadow
600 pixels wide. It's lfts_08_25.jpg, in the image directory. Thanks! - SunKitten
 $ anytopnm lfts_08_25.jpg | pnmscale -xsize 600 | pnmtojpeg -q 90 > out.jpg
$ mv out.jpg lfts_08_25.jpg
So done. - MoonShadow

Typo spotted on lfts_08_18: "So the sun's influence leak through space and time". --AlexChurchill, really enjoying this story
Thanks... Every issue has to have a mistake in it somewhere, I suppose ^^;; - SunKitten
It's a rule.  You need to put out a TickleEvil? to explain it :)  --Vitenka

[09: The Dust of a Peregrine Sun]

And finally, I'm caught up on LookingForTheSun :D A wonderful story so far. After Saryth spent so much time looking confused, it was good to see Kite caught by surprise too... Your depiction of different worlds is really masterful. I can see how the attention to detail must have got irritating - all those swirls and decorations - but it's certainly produced an excellent and believable city, very different to the previous ones in this story. I very much look forward to seeing the story of Kite's world, too. Could you buy me a copy of MAME if they have them at LAC?
I feel I should point out that the gatehouse/wall in the [final frame] appears rather Escher?-inspired... is this deliberate? --AlexChurchill
Next LAC is February, but you're welcome to borrow our copy of MAME 2, and you can buy it online with Paypal. I don't think the gatehouse is Escher-inspired - if it is, it's subconscious :) Thanks for the comments *^^* - SunKitten
It's the trapezoid shape at upper centre. Its sides are clearly vertical. Its top appears to be running towards/away from the point of view, parallel with the wall in which the gate is; but the same trapezoid's lower edge is running side-to-side, perpendicular to that wall. Going by its top the trapezoid appears to run in a forwards/backwards direction straight up to the pillar on the left of the frame, but going by its right-hand side it appears to be some way to the left of the pillar, and going by its bottom it seems to run up to the pillar from a side-to-side direction. Of course, all this can be resolved if it's not a flat plane at all but some curved shape across the top of the gate; but the four straight edges are strong visual cues that it's flat. --AlexChurchill (who doesn't *object* in the slightest to a fantasy city having impossible shapes in its walls, in case this was being taken as criticism)
Some visual cues are being misinterpreted there; namely, the entire wall is parallel with the view plane, including the top - the top is not going to/from the viewer, it is simply forming a /-\ shape over the entryway. - MoonShadow
*slow grin as Alex's distorted and twisted mental image snaps flat and into shape* Aaah! That makes so much sense! Yes, I see it clearly now. Although the top does still give a very strong impression of perspective since the other half of the gate is out of sight. --AC

[10: Random Encounter]

I'll sort this page out eventually... - SunKitten
Yay!  (I can refactor this page, but I can't do anything about the links into it.)  I like that his 'get into trouble' personality is the thing that reveals the avatar - and I like that she's getting on with him differently now.  --Vitenka
I thought you traditionally defactored pages? --Jumlian
Shhhh.. you'll wreck my beautiful lack of plan.  --Vitenka

[11: Mistaken Identity]

Thoughts as I read. 
I say!  Don't you dare do what I say!
Wonderful pouty face on Mira as the mob turns to go.
A nice nod to ThatCannotBeMale there :)
Translation:  Is this (hell)?  Meh.  I've seen worse.
And a DoctorWho moment - it would seem she can never have more than one companion, except for short linking sequences :)  --Vitenka
You can request, but I can't do much - Otaku have most of the stock. Somewhere I have a number of issue 4, and I have a spare 10 I forgot to give to them, but the rest I'll have to buy from the SD table, assuming there's any left. We're quite low on issue 1 (which would be way more encouraging if I hadn't started with only 30 ;) - SunKitten
Quick experience from WonderCon was that first issues tend to sell out more quickly (since that's where new readers start) than later issues.  An incestuous group like minami might change this balance, though.  --Vitenka (Print more?)
Minami is pretty incestuous - we normally take extra of the newer issues of Stuff (tm). I don't think we're going to print any more of the earlier issues because there'll be a book with 1-7 in as soon as I get round to doing the cover and saving up for it, and the issues are all free online anyway. We were thinking of printing a (free) b&w copy as an advert for the book, though :) - SunKitten
Nifty.  --Vitenka (Though I'd pay for a black and white copy, even...)

I didn't interpret the ending in the DoctorWho way that Vitenka did. The dialogue in [page 4] confuses me. They used magic in the Random Enconter? https://www.toothycat.net/lfts/lfts_10_17.html and its two subsequent pages look pretty physical... The dialogue on [page 5] feels awkward too. It's important stuff, but Kite's "That is an absolute wrong" could be referring to either of two opposite statements. It's fairly clear from context, but it still jars a little. (On third or fourth rereading: is she obliquely referring to the thugs from last issue and their aims? It didn't seem to me like they were trying to kill Aeryn at all, just beating him up a bit, which might be why I didn't get it immediately if so.) --AlexChurchill
Saryth is saying he should have used magic rather than rushing in with his fists. Kite's reference to removing free will being wrong is implying that killing is one way of removing free will (and I suppose implying that that's one reason why killing is wrong). And the aims of the thugs were unclear, but people can die from beatings even when not meant to. The whole is probably a little awkward because I didn't want too many pages of Saryth fretting over it (too many pages in one location and on one topic...), and it got rewritten once and then cut down ^^;; - SunKitten

The dialogue on page 6 is *wonderful* though :) As is most of the rest of it. The leaps of illogic on page 15 are impressive. And finally Saryth faces a challenge of courage, to admit what he's tried so long to deny... I'm *really* enjoying this series.  --AlexChurchill
Well, the "Denying choice is an absolute wrong" is a recurring message she's been giving.  Whether it has any deeper meaning beyond "Oh please grow up", we have yet to see.  --Vitenka

[12: The City on the Cliff]

[13: Vorannen's Army]

Oh OUCH.  I'm liking.  And wondering quite how long he would have avoided killing his original owner.  Or is it her fault for teaching him things he's not ready for?  :)  --Vitenka

I suspect it's just that magic works much better in this country. But yes, after last episode's sweet and romantic playfulness (it's astonishing what a blush can do), things have taken a markedly darker tone. And we're left on a cliffhanger... nailbiting time... --AC

[14: Only Tears]

And the opening shot - the eye is immediately drawn to... the codpiece of a horse.  Ow.  And reading the rest - much ow.  I'm not sure whether you turned the camera away too early or too late - I couldn't tell what happened until the exposition.  Even still, I like the thoughtful calculating look on the monarch and the ending is painfully sweet.  Ow ow ow.  --Vitenka (monosyllabillic with glee at more episodes, I think.)
That's the front of the horse... And Yay for more Jig! --CH
The two of you between you have captured my reactions almost entirely. Good (but painful) stuff. Is this the end of Volume 2, SK? --AC
Yes. It might be a while 'til the next one; I really have to get some other stuff done first ^^;; - SunKitten

[Omake 2: Summon Kitten]

And the one for the introduction page :)

[Omake 3: Braids]

Another omake strip - not in colour because it will be printed in black and white, but I may get round to colouring it one of these decades. It's number 3 because there's another in waiting, but that one hasn't been started yet. This does make sense really ;)
Very nice! - is it going to go on a bookmark? Please! -Hoshi-Chan
If I get round to colouring it, yes - thanks *^^* - SunKitten

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