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Younger sister.
Slightly ropey view of how the world works.
Disturbingly cute.
Often portrayed as having one upper canine protruding slightly from the mouth.
Generally has no sense of limits or conventions.

In this case, yes, referring to the disturbing Mii from PoPoTan.  The other characters I can think of who fit the general character concept (Komugi-chan?) aren't "younger sister"s though. The page could perhaps do with renaming, or Vitenka providing some other examples, or both.  --AC
The couple I can think of aren't quite as demonic as Mii, but fit most of the above criteria: Hikaru from MagicKnightsRayearth?, Hokuto from TokyoBabylon, Kurai from AngelSanctuary(?) and Meruru / Meryl from Escaflowne.  Is that sort of what we were aiming for? --Kazuhiko
Hmm, I don't know.  Maybe Meruru is close... I think the concept is closer to Suu (or Sara) from LoveHina, who are just terrifying, if not particularly cute. We'd have to ask Vitenka.  I'm sure there must be more... come on, people, think of animes where one of the main characters has a terrifying younger sister.  Yuki's little sisters from KareKano don't count!
Why don't Yuki's sisters count? (Tsukino and Kano, I think their names are) - SunKitten
I've just re-read that.  Whilst I object to being termed a YoungerKittenSister, the label fits quite well.  --Vitenka (Or would, if I had a big brother)

Oh great, now I have the Tarzan and Jane song running through my head  >.<
Just to let me know what we are aiming for, how do my suggestions vary from your idea of the YoungerKittenSister? --Kazuhiko
Hikaru is a bit too "goody-goody" and normal, not quite manic or convention-defying enough. Hokuto might be a grown-up version of a YoungerKittenSister, but the phrase evokes a 10-year-old terror to me. I don't know Kurai. But I don't have much of a mental concept of it either, TBH, as much as a combination of two or three anime stereotypes - which is why I suggested renaming the page --AC

I disagree, I think it describes perfectly a particular kind of person.  While, yes, the individual components exist sometimes the "Younger sister who acts like a cat" is pretty well established to my mind at least.  The red one from NeonGenesisEvangelion is one extreme, Mimi from FLCL is another side, Koala from .. oh heck, where IS she from (LoveHina) - and the mouse girl from DragonHalf sum up some of the other options.  I can't think offhand of comic type references, but they seem more common there.  It's the "young kid who acts in a way that she'd never get away with if she wasn't so small and cute" thing.  --Vitenka  (Pine from WebComics/ShawIsland?)

*MoonShadow bounces up and down, hand raised* Can we list Shuiichi as an honorary YoungerKittenSister? Huh? Can we?
Shuiichi from Gravitation? I think that should count, but he's over 16, surely? How about Raenef from DemonDiary? - SunKitten
Well, he may fit the bill in some ways, but he would have to have a sex change, being as he is male, and therefore not anyones sister... - Tsunami
Both Shuiichi and Raenef can definitely be YoungerKittenSisters, even if only honourary ones. --AC
Especially given Raenef's appearance :) - SunKitten

Oh hang on, Asuka from EsOtherwise seems to fit the bill pretty well (and Asuka from Eva doesn't, to me, but hey) - SunKitten

Millie from TriGun? --Requiem
Not seen enough to know, but from a quick google - huge vacant eyes, happy mouth, tiny kid, menchi chaingun... Yup.  --Vitenka
Tiny? While most YoungerKittenSisters are tiny, Millie is [over 6 foot tall!] (no spoilers in top bit, progressively more spoily as you go down) That said, I think she may qualify anyway, despite being giant and in her twenties. --AlexChurchill
Well, that's what I get from finding only pictures of keychains.  As I said, don't ask me - I watched very little trigun and have a terrible memory for names anyway. --Vitenka
And Anita-chan from ReadOrDie/TheTV. Quite possibly Akane (Haruka's younger sister) from KimiGaNozomuEien as well, in terms of genki? and cheeky little sisters, anyway. --AlexChurchill

New entry, Hazuki from TsukuyomiMoonPhase?. Possibly the ultimate YoungerKittenSister! Brattish, wears cat-ears, very cute, has two upper canines protruding (well, she is a vampire), no sense of how the world works (been locked up in castle) Also an example of GothicLolita. --Tsunami

Also CategoryKitten, CategoryPlotElement

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