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It's [cute].

What?  You expected more reason behind picking this one as the MMORPG I wanted to try?
Cute is the understatement of the year. It's terrifyingly Chibi.
Let me know what your IgN is when you make a character.  I play on Server 2 usually.  If you want to meet up rather than just message each other you should probably choose a dwarf since the other starting points are either a very expensive teleport away or a trek across lands which are higher level than I.  I guess I could always start a new chara at the same time as you in whatever other land if you want. --K
Having said that, of course, I am now in the human capitol...  1000gp and all I got was a silly meat porridge :(  I'll probably stick around here for a little while until I learn the skills I want but then I'll be heading back to dwarf land. --K
Scrap that, I got killed and sent back to Dwarf-land :(  --K

So far, I'm quite impressed by the graphics, lack of lag, etc.  One thing to bear in mind is that all and any times mentioned on the website or [forum] are GMT + 8...  Especially as the whole game goes down for two hours on Thursdays (typically, the time when I was first trying to play (and on a Wednesday for me, which aided the confusion).

As for the game mechanics, it seems quite good, but I have little experience with the alternatives.  I have no idea how long it will hold me, but probably a few days longer at least.

On the downside, the installer is 500Mb in size and I'd recommend running it in a window so you can do something else (like write a report on the wiki!) while your character mines/farms/metalworks/etc.

If you want to try to meet me in game, I'm the green haired female dwarf being followed by an orange slime (there's a 'pet' system) on English Server 2 (Kazujin by name, miner/soldier by profession).

Dorf is named 'Vitenka' just to be original ;)

For those who have experience with the alternatives, I would describe this as 'Ragnarok lite meets pokemon' - I have no idea how any of the skills work, let alone how to keep your pet happy yet.  That describes the style, though.  Isometric, turn based CRPG style combat, PlayerKilling? enabled...  --Vitenka
Don't know Ragnarok but I think comparison to Pokemon is a little harsh.  There is a pet system, you do capture them in battle, but it is in no way a central point of the game (unless you choose to become a Beast Master of course...).  For skills and maps, read through the website, it's actually very informative.  I've been doing far more with the work skills than the actual combat/level up myself.  Mining, metal working and just now, armour making (free (low level!) armour to ToothyWikizen's who find me in Goldburg).  PK is an option you can turn on or off.
What's your in game name so I can try messaging you? --K

Image: 114

Are you still playing this?  --Vitenka
Ah yes, I should have mentioned that I've switched over to a new chara for a while (I'm trying to make a beastmaster)...  Whisper RyuNoChi? to get in touch, but I'm in elf-land and not really able to travel much yet. --K
S'ok, I can probably make it over there now :)  --Vitenka

OP: Kazuhiko

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