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Materials Scientists.

If you are/have been a Cambridge student, you should have been able to guess that.  But I bet you didn't, did you? MuHaHa.
I did. StuartFraser, MatSci

Also, presumably, the degree earnt by any person named 'Matthew' foolish enough to study at CambridgeUniversity.
In the same way that anyone named Philip who studies at both undergrad and then Doctorate of Philosophy level would be perfectly entitled to write "MA DPhil" after their name.  :) --AlexChurchill
(PeterTaylor) Only if they studied the doctorate at *xf*rd
AlexChurchill: I don't think that's the case.  I believe CambridgeUniversity does offer one or two DPhils, because a friend of mine named Phil was considering acquiring these initials.  Hence I believe it's possible to acquire a Cambridge DPhil. BICBW.

Also sometimes used to describe MathsAndCompScis? by people who think that CosMo is silly.
I think a lot of CosMos are silly, but I guess that's not quite the same thing.  Possibly my opinion has been distorted by the fact that the (probably) silliest person I know was once a CosMo.  OK, not quite true.  The silliest person other than myself... --MJ


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