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Dydh Da!

Who am I?

I'm from the land of pasties, clotted cream and beautiful beaches. More stuff about me may come in the future if I feel the need to avoid studying.

Squeeeeeeeee!  A new playth^H^H^H^H^H^H person!  WelcomeToWiki.  --Vitenka
Welcome :) - SunKitten

What do I do?

I'm studying for a PhD at the IoA

In the past I studied PartIIIAstrophysics? despite having been warned that it's PartIIIMaths by another name. It's not quite, you do an 8000 word project instead of one of the lecture courses. And although I sat the same exams as the mathmos I was graded in the standard Cambridge tripos manner rather than distiction/merit/pass/fail. I'm told getting a First is easier than getting a distinction in PartIIIMaths. However certain lecturers set very difficult exams so I didn't.

I was also ObsSec? of CUAS for two years. (see also Xarak - he's ex-chairman, and Sally who also has been on the CUAS committee).
Indeed I am. Welcome! How did you find ToothyWiki then? -- Xarak
I don't really know, might have just folllowed a link or something from somewhere or heard from somewhere, can't remember now. But I saw some people I recognise from RealLife and thought I should make a page there --MawKernewek
Fair enough. My next question - I assume your name is Klingon? -- Xarak
Not Klingon, have a guess what it really is, shouldn't be that difficult. --MawKernewek
Google: Kernewek says Cornish. HTH, HAND - MoonShadow
I'm having trouble parsing that as anything pronouncable, or shortening it to such.  Mark New Kay is the closest I get.  --Vitenka
More Kerr-Nerr-Wek...or More Kerr New Ek...probably totally wrong. -- Xarak
Rummaging on the omniscient Google gives "Cornish Boy" as the translation. Welcome. --Jumlian

Henn yw ewn, I'm from Cornwall. I even speak some Kernewek, I now have sat the second grade (out of four) examination with the Cornish Language Board.

I have also rowed in RobinsonCollege BoatClub in the 3rd VIII. My cox at one time once said our boat is jinxed because it keeps crashing into things but I rowed in the same boat the previous year and it wasn't jinxed then.....

What do I think?

I believe that ultimately the Universe and ourselves were created by God, although I accept science's insights into the means by which this took place.
And I also believe that God has revealed himself to us, supremely through the life, death and resurrection of his son Jesus, so I suppose you've worked out by now that I'm a Christian.

What am I up to at the moment?

Still in Cambridge doing a PhD in Astrophysics. Focusing on the Andromeda Galaxy, mostly the Giant Southern Stream.

What have I been up to in the past couple of years I've been away from ToothyWiki?

Started a PhD, been on an observing trip to [Hawaii], a conference in Bonn, been to InternationalAstronomicalYouthCamp? another couple of times, got fairly seriously ill and had to take several months off the PhD, returned to the PhD. And a load of other stuff.

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