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To AlexChurchill: An excuse to study CategoryTheory.

To Nagi: A creation of hell to torment fourth-year MathMos unrelentingly with.  The best bit is, they volunteered for this torment themselves!

Remiel, on discovering AlexChurchill was doing PartIIIMaths: That's all right, actually, he's already found Jesus.

A resumption of the fun of Part 1a, a reward for managing to stay awake through 1b and keep your brain from oozing out from your ears during 2.  Also a good thing to do whilst waiting for your ExitVisa to be stamped at the RealityCheckpoint.

M-A joined the bandwagon too, but has now escaped to the RealWorld...
It could be argued that since her SignificantOther? is still a student, M-A has hardly escaped completely to the RealWorld.  Some of us wonder whether she really will do so even when he graduates... ;) --MikeJeggo
Well, he's graduated now...
So, M-A, do you now feel Reality creeping in?
Ooh, I'm being interrogated by an anonymous person (doing [MRI], by the looks of it)... um, well, you know, maybe? :)  --M-A

To Angoel:  A reason to hang around Cambridge for another year and bask in the glory that is Combinatorics.

To Tsunami: Maths, we don't need no steeenkin maths!

To Sally : A currently unobtainable dream if she doesn't stop spodding and do some fluids...
Well stopped!

To ChrisHowlett: A reason to hang around Cambridge for another year, entertain ludicrous hopes of a PhD, and study the rather pretty RamseyTheory?!

To TheInquisitor: Next year! (Despite marks I'm really not happy with in the exams...)

To tjm: Now but a distant memory. Come back, PartIIIMaths!!
All is forgiven? -- Senji

Attention all PartIIIMaths people (well, those that finished after 1962...). You're more qualified than you thought! See [here] (and be sure to follow the link the bottom - Korner in his usual style :) ) --CH
Ha, cool! And yes, I'm entertained by many bits of Korner's description, particularly what those who got it before 1962 are entitled to :) --AC
Woohoo -- This will change my life DDD

SeeAlso: ChrisHowlett/PartIIIQuotes

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