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I misread something, but cannot help thinking that this is too nifty a concept to allow to die.

I should add, worryingly, that google [finds] people who already use this word and mean it - although none explain what they intend it to mean.

However, I think that we can safely assume that all meta bunnies are named Frank.
Just like the one in DonnieDarko? -ColinLeung
What IS a MetaBunny anyway? -ColinLeung
If it was anything, it wouldn't be half as spiffy a word, would it?  I think it's being used in the sense 'bunnylike' - where the jargon file would claim we say "logical bunny steve".  I guess it would literally mean 'bunny about bunnies' but I can't actually comprehend that as anything.  --Vitenka
The prefix "meta" is a Greek word meaning "beside" or "after".  As a prefix, it usually means "beyond" or "above", so that would give us "superbunny" or "pseudobunny", depending. --M-A

Sounds like a character from RadiskullAndDevilDoll
It should be.  But there is no more :(  --Vitenka

Update on the web front:  There is now a metabunny.com - but I can't get resolution to it to find out what it is.  My page comes up fairly hiugh in the rankings, but it mainly appears just as someones name.  So I guess we're still free to come up with new meanings.  --Vitenka


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