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Ex-leader of the Tory Party. No, the one in opposition.
Yet another in a long list of not very memorable people to hold that role.
He's very memorable. Even if it is only for his famous interview with Jeremy Paxman.
Don't forget 'something of the night about him', probably the most famous political put-down of recent times.  (And of course he was the first in the currently ongoing series of madly reactionary home secretaries.)

See also the [BNP reaction to the ToryManifesto]

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Etto... I'm not sure this /really/ counts as a CategoryHomepage... if so, then we probably ought to add CategoryOffstage too.  But is every random politician, author, TV star going to get branded CategoryHomepage?  I don't think that seems right, somehow... CategoryHomepage is not CategoryHuman?... --AlexChurchill
Unless MichaelHoward were to come along and create a user account. Then he could have a CategoryHomepage page. --qqzm
Do the HonourableGentlemen? not realise how much time scheming to take over the running of the country takes in these modern and busy family oriented times?  --MichaelHoward
I just knew you were going to do that Alex. You silly man.
*blinkblink* Completely non-guilty! I wouldn't be able to come up with anything even remotely politician-sounding anyway!  I do highly approve of the comment from MichaelHoward, and retract my objection (as a one-off, not a precedent *general warning look*), but I'm thoroughly not responsible! --AC
Hovering over the RecentChanges link, it would appear to be someone on ZenInternet... --M-A
Oops. Sorry, guess I should have checked before accusing you. It just seemed like something you'd do. :)

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