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A game played originally on [I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue]. Heaven knows why it's taken off, as it's actually one of the most boring bits of the show (which is part of the joke, but they do rather let it go on too long). I suppose it's easier for the general public to pull off than Humph's monologues.

An amazingly elitist pursuit, as [this] site would have us know.

That site is ridiculous.  Have they never read the Encyclopedia Morningtania? -- Senji, avid MC player.

I'd also add that the game is very similar to "The chairmans game" (known under a variety of names) though with a rather longer cycle time.  And with trains instead of cards.

Hmm.  Does portray it a little unfairly - though having seen certain games, I'll have to agree.  There is an unfortunate element who prefer to lord it over non-players, rather than enjoy the game.
However, why the heck isn't there a game going on here? -- Vitenka

I know it's taboo to ask what the rules are, but what are the meta-rules? Is the game state based on a location per player, or one shared location? I always thought it was the latter, making it similar to Mallet's Mallet. I didn't think it was as clearly defined as the Chairman's Game - if that is what Mao? is an instance of. --B

Previous games moved to MorningtonCrescent/PreviousGames

(RobHu) As is traditional: [[King'sCross]]

(PeterTaylor) And may that tradition live long. I'll shake things up a bit with a move to Whitechapel.

(ChrisHowlett) Unorthodox! I'll invoke the Occult Interstitial laws (valid for a 2-week period each January, May and September) to go to Russell Square.

(StuartFraser). NowLookWhatYouveDone?, Peter. I'm aware that playing now makes it practically impossible for me to win, but somebody has to or else the game will never finish. However, I will get my revenge by travelling to Finsbury Park. Yes, I know what I just reversed. Have fun.
Can I just clarify at this point - are we playing to Finsbury Option 88? I ask because of the implications of having Quadrant5 --RobHu
Well, I'd assume so, given that Chris's move appears completely futile otherwise (unless he has something cunning up his sleeve that I haven't spotted...) --Rachael
Aha! Well in that case... --RobHu
(RobHu): SevenSisters?

(PeterTaylor) You had to get us stuck in a loop, didn't you, Stuart? Finsbury Park it is.

(RobHu): Oh blast. SevenSisters?

(M-A): It's OK, there's still one route out, as long as the next player is on the ball... Finsbury Park again first, though, of course.



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