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(PeterTaylor) Well, since this wiki is based in Cambridge, I think we should start with [[King'sCross]].

MoonShadow: Liverpool street (retroactive, 2 ebony)

Senji CityThameslink?

(PeterTaylor) LondonBridge?.

MoonShadow: Waterloo (retroactive, 3 ebony)

(Vitenka) I suppose, since this is partially my fault, I'd better start in Euston? - as close to coventry as I can get.

MoonShadow: Oberon (invoking ebony retroactive play, and 6 points for an extra turn)
MoonShadow: RobinsonCollege

(Vitenka) Hmm..  With ebony I can linejump to paddington which would complete the set of stations nicely.  Sadly I only seem to have found a marmalade sandwich.

MoonShadow: I shall play Monument, completing the pentagram. I shall then invoke the Grue and set it upon your marmalade sandwich.

(Vitenka) Prompt...

(MoonShadow has run out of action points and is out of play for the next 30 game-years unless someone Crosses the Pentagram, in which case MoonShadow takes MorningtonCrescent by default)

GreenOpal: Yes!! I never thought I'd get to use this Edict Interrupt! Silver Attack on the Pentagram, causing a 3-way temporal shift. That leaves it at... *checks rulebook* Victoria?.

(PeterTaylor) Brixton. MuHaHa.

(Senji) VauxhallCross? (Ghost?)

(Vitenka) EdictInterrupts? and EvilLaughs?  I must be in trouble.  Best to play it safe and shuffle to Maida Vale and hide from the Grue

(PeterTaylor) I riffle your shuffle to Canary Wharf. The grue eats you.

(Garbled) I show the canary a picture of a coal mine. It is gravitationally attracted. The train ends up somewhere on the rhondda valley lines between bargoed and aberbargoed

(MikeJeggo) Oh dear, Garbled, that was careless.  That allows me to go... (*pauses to check he's covered his tail*) Edgware Road!  (And as for the grue I <fake french accent>fart in its general direction!</fake french accent>

(Oneiros) A pentagram of that level already?! And I thought this might be a relatively calm game. Oh well, with pentagrams, riffled shuffles and the Welsh connection... the only really safe move for me is Bromley-by-Bow?, somewhat arcane but also somewhat forced.

Tsunami invokes the transcendental omega 8 subset of the Lassiter rule variation to go.... Mornington Crescent!
Surely that's only active on the first Saturday of the month, and only if all participants roll a 7 on a 12-sided die? - MoonShadow
No no no no no! You're thinking of the ciscidental phi 42 subset. The transcendental omega 8 subset of the Lassiter rule variation is much more lax in its requirements. CURSWiki: Androidkiller
I love this game ^_^ --Tsunami

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