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A chain of stores. They sell CategoryComputerGames, console?s, DVDs, some CCGs and some associated literature (if it can be called that). They are active on their path to WorldDomination, having taken over a number of other UK? chains.


Grr! I'd gone ages without having lost. (To explain more would be to spread the virus.) --Requiem
Shouldn't that belong on WikiGame?  --Vitenka
Perhaps, but more likely it might belong on /Spoilers. --AlexChurchill

Me too... -- Xarak
Yes, same here. I'd almost forgotten... - SunKitten
Bother!  Another one bites the dust.  Time to make other people join the party with a tempting edit summary >:>  - MikeJeggo
Well, I have no idea what's going on.  Either I've never come across this meme, or I have come across it but have forgotten it (quite possible).  In which case, I think I'll probably be the last one standing.  --M-A

Also CategoryCategory
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